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Exquisite and Avant-Garde: Jewelry Highlights from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

During Paris Haute Couture Week, the city buzzed with cutting-edge creativity as new high jewelry collections amazed the world. Architecturally-inspired earrings, a transforming butterfly ring, and a plethora of magnificent yellow diamond jewelry pieces dazzled all. As an annual summer tradition during the first week of July, the event showcased jewelry houses' finest artistry, craftsmanship, and gemstones, epitomizing high jewelry mastery. Below, we have compiled our favorite high jewelry looks from this renowned event!

DeBeers: Masterpiece Diamond & Jacket Ring 

De Beers' bow ring is more complex than it looks at first glance. At its core lies a stunning 7.61-carat fancy vivid yellow diamond from De Beers' Natural Works of Art collection, encircled by a sculptural bow ring jacket spanning three fingers. This masterpiece transforms into four styles, from a yellow diamond solitaire to a bow jacket with a princess-cut diamond band. In this incredible piece, versatility and elegance seamlessly entwine. 

Innovative and Breathtaking Jewelry Looks from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week  image1

Pomellato: Giardini Verticali Earrings 

Celebrating 20 years at Pomellato, creative director Vincenzo Castaldo unveils "Ode to Milan," a high-jewelry collection defying traditions with contemporary elegance. Giardini Verticali earrings pay homage to Milan's eco-friendly buildings with lush “vertical forest” exteriors. Crafted in green titanium and 18-karat rose gold, the earrings boast 52 green tourmalines (79.56 carats), six tanzanites (9.96 carats), and 106 diamonds (1.86 carats).  

Innovative and Breathtaking Jewelry Looks from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week  image1

Messika: The Midnight Sun Collection

Valérie Messika's 10th High Jewelry collection finds its muse in the vibrant energy of 1970s nightlife. The Midnight Sun jewelry collection exudes freedom and limitless creativity—where you can be your true self, fearlessly embracing who you are. In this collection, anything goes, and the spirit of the wildest nights comes alive. Pictured below, French singer and model Carla Bruni, the face of the new Messika High Jewelry collection, is wearing a necklace, earrings, and rings from the collection. Messika uses a traditional diamond snow setting, Similar to pavé, to highlight the cushion-cut yellow diamonds, which vary from 2 to 15 carats. The snow-setting technique intricately places diamonds of different sizes, forming a seemingly random yet harmonious pattern that minimizes visible metal, allowing the diamonds to shine brilliantly.

Innovative and Breathtaking Jewelry Looks from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week  image1

Graff: Sunrise: A Celebration of Graff Yellow Diamonds

To celebrate haute couture week, Laurence Graff, the brand founder, unveiled the "Sunrise: A Celebration of Graff Yellow Diamonds" exhibition, showcasing their heritage in rare yellow diamond artistry. Francois Graff, the CEO, called it the most significant collection of yellow diamonds ever assembled. The centerpiece is a high jewelry necklace featuring a 30-carat fancy intense yellow pear-shaped diamond designed to highlight the diamond's natural beauty and warmth. White and yellow diamonds form a sun-like halo, showcasing the mastery of Graff's artisans.

Innovative and Breathtaking Jewelry Looks from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week  image1

Tasaki: Atelier 6: Nature Spectacle Collection 

Prabal Gurung's creative flair continues to shine in his designs for the Japanese pearl house Tasaki, infusing tradition with innovation and an element of surprise. The latest Tasaki collection, titled Atelier 6: Nature Spectacle, presents the Flourish Necklace as its centerpiece, a captivating statement piece crafted over 1,123 hours. This masterpiece harmoniously blends Akoya pearls with diamonds, morganite, fancy-colored sapphires, pink and Paraiba tourmalines, topaz, and spinels, showcasing a stunning fusion of artistry and craftsmanship. Tasaki's foundation, beginning in 1954, has always revolved around pearls. Their commitment to using the highest-quality pearls is evident as they operate pearl farms in Kujukushima and Ise-Shima for Akoya pearls and in the Andaman Sea for South Sea pearls. Emphasizing the beauty of black South Sea pearls and Akoya pearls, the new Atelier 6: Nature Spectacle collection pairs them with dazzling diamonds and gemstones. The Flourish collection features a four-piece set that captures the play of sunlight in a shallow lagoon's waters. This mesmerizing underwater world comes to life using morganites, fancy colored sapphires, pink tourmalines, paraíba tourmalines, and topaz. The continuous, tapering lines of pearls and diamonds artfully represent the gentle ripples of waves embracing the shoreline.

Innovative and Breathtaking Jewelry Looks from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week  image1


Gemfields, a colored gemstone mining company based in London, recently unveiled a remarkable showcase of rings designed by independent high and fine jewelry artisans. The collection spotlights the company's responsibly sourced Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds. Margery Hirschey adds her modernist touch to a gold ring adorned with rubies of varying cuts. Indian jeweler Shachee impresses with incredible micro-mosaic work, complemented by custom-cut rubies. Sandy Leong, based in New York, displays colored gemstones beautifully set in brushed gold. Another standout piece is the magnificent Dragon Skeleton ring, a Fabergé creation inspired by Game of Thrones. Crafted in 18-karat white and rose gold, it mesmerizes with a pair of round and pear-shaped Mozambique rubies (1.05 carats), gracefully surrounded by round and pear-cut diamonds (3.74 carats).

Innovative and Breathtaking Jewelry Looks from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week  image1

Louis Vuitton: Deep Time Collection

Francesca Amfitheatrof's fifth high jewelry collection for Louis Vuitton, "Deep Time," takes us on a mesmerizing journey back to the geological origins of precious materials. With over 170 unique pieces, including 95 in the first chapter, the collection artfully employs stunning colored stones to embody geological concepts. The Volcano earrings pictured below feature spessartite Mandarin garnets and diamonds set in 18k yellow gold and platinum. The Seeds necklace features rubellite tourmaline, spessartite Mandarin garnets, and diamonds set in 18k yellow gold and platinum.

Innovative and Breathtaking Jewelry Looks from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week  image1

Piaget: Metaphoria  

Piaget's enchanting Metaphoria collection pays homage to the mesmerizing wonders of nature, drawing inspiration from the flowing waterfalls and the sun's radiant rays. The collection features 41 exquisite jewelry pieces and 11 dazzling bejeweled watches, capturing nature's raw and ever-changing essence. Influenced by the rugged beauty of La Côte aux Fées, Switzerland, and the spiritual charm of the Mediterranean seaside in Côte d'Azur, the collection boasts gem-set secret watches, captivating necklaces adorned with sapphires, aquamarines, and pearls, and unique earrings reflecting the rushing charm of a mountain stream.

Innovative and Breathtaking Jewelry Looks from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week  image1

Chaumet: Jardin de Chaumet Collection

In the Jardin de Chaumet collection, the esteemed Parisian heritage house revisits its design roots as "nature's jeweler." Paying homage to the harvest's abundance, the iconic wheat motif from the 1811 Wheat Ear Tiara now adorns a gracefully modern necklace with a geometric diamond pendant. The Blé necklace, pictured below, captures the sunlight's dance on wheat fields, exuding elegance with white diamonds and gold.

Innovative and Breathtaking Jewelry Looks from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week  image1

If you find yourself inspired by these breathtaking, cutting-edge jewelry designs, good news—we specialize in designing bespoke jewelry! Contact us today to chat with our customer concierge team about creating unique, customized jewelry pieces—our dedicated designers will work with you to design the jewelry of your dreams.

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