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September 20, 2022

The Most Expensive Diamonds Ever Sold at Auction

Loose diamonds

The world’s most expensive diamonds are sold at auctions around the world for more money than most of us will see in our lifetime.

Diamonds that are sold at auction are in a class all their own. To give some context about just how massive these diamonds are, the average size of a diamond engagement ring is 1.18 carats, with a range of 0.25 carats on the low end, and 4 carats on the high end. The price of the average diamond engagement ring was $5,871 in 2015, according to a study by The Knot.

Diamonds and gemstones have all continued to increase in price as they are sold and re-sold at auction. Just like with fine art, there are diamond “hunters” in the auction world with the mission to create the perfect collection of heirloom diamonds and gemstones.

So, if you’re looking to invest in an heirloom that will gain in value, invest in loose diamonds, artwork, or even antique wine. What sets these investments apart is the history associated with them, and their ability to retain and increase their value over time.

Discover the beauty and staggering prices of famous diamond auctions and the most expensive engagement rings and diamonds ever sold at auction.

The World’s Most Expensive Diamonds Ever Sold At Auction:

1. The Pink Star

pink star diamond

Image Source: Cosmopolitan Italia

Price: $71 million
Date Sold: April 2017 at Sotheby’s Auction
Carat Weight: 59.6 carats
Color: Pink

The Pink Star is the largest known diamond to receive a Vivid Pink color grade and just sold for a whopping $71 million in Hong Kong. After five minutes of bidding at Sotheby’s, the oval-shaped 59.6-carat pink diamond broke the record for the highest price ever paid for a jewel.


2. Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

Oppenheimer blue diamond

Image Source: Christie's

Price: $57.5 million
Date Sold: May 2016
Carat Weight: 14.62 carats
Color: Blue

As the largest Vivid Blue diamond to ever appear at auction, the Oppenheimer Blue diamond sold for a dizzying $57.5 million in Geneva on May 18, 2016. The 14.62-carat diamond was named after its previous owner, Sir Philip Oppenheimer, who is also the former chairman of De Beers. The Oppenheimer sold for well above its asking price of $35 – $45 million; given its unusual beauty, it’s not hard to see why.


3. Graff Pink Diamond

Graff Vivid Pink Diamond

Image Source: Sotheby's 

Price: $46 million
Date Sold: November 2010
Carat Weight: 24.78 carats
Color: Pink
Sold for a whopping $46 million in a 2010 Sotheby’s auction, the Graff Vivid Pink is a 24.78-carat emerald cut diamond. Set in a platinum ring, the Graff Vivid Pink is revered for its rare, light pink hue. 


4. The Princie Diamond

Princie Pink Diamond

Image Source: Christie's

Price: $39.3 million
Date Sold: April 2013
Carat Weight: 36.45 carats
Color: Pink

Another fancy pink diamond, the Princie auctioned for $39.3 million at Christie’s in 2013. The Princie was discovered over 300 years ago in the famous Golconda Mine in India. Weighing in at 34.65 carats, the Princie is the most expensive Golconda diamond ever sold.


5. The Orange

Christie's The Orange Pear Shaped Diamond


Image Source: Christie's

Price: $35.54 million
Date Sold: November 2013
Carat Weight: 14.82 carats
Color: Orange

The largest orange diamond ever to be sold at auction made quite the splash in the jewelry community when it sold for $35.54 million in November 2013. At about $2.4 million per carat, the Orange marks the highest price paid per carat for a colored diamond at auction. According to Forbes, the diamond’s rare fiery color alone could be why this stunning beauty set the world record for the most expensive price per carat for any colored diamond sold at auction.


6. The Largest Diamond Ever Sold: 118.28 carats

118 carat oval diamond in hand

Image Source: CNBC

Price: $30.6 million
Date Sold: Christie’s in 2013
Carat Weight: 118.28 carat
Color: Colorless

Surprisingly, this 118.28-carat oval cut diamond hasn’t been given its own unique name. It holds the records for being the largest diamond and the most expensive colorless diamond to ever be auctioned.


7. Sweet Josephine Pink Diamond

pink cushion diamond

Image Source: Christie's

Price: $28.5 million
Date Sold: November 2015
Carat Weight: 16.08 carats
Color: Pink

There’s nothing like a diamond sale that has a heart-warming story behind it. According to CNN, this cushion-shaped, pink vivid diamond was purchased by billionaire Joseph Lau, who named the jewel after his seven-year-old daughter. The 16.08-carat beauty was purchased for $28.5 million and while the price sounds staggering to most, the mogul has been known to purchase extravagant jewels in the past and rename them after his two daughters, Josephine and Zoe. 


8. “The 101″

101 carat pear shaped diamond

Image Source: Independent

Price: $26.7 million
Date Sold: 2013
Carat Weight: 101.73
Color: Colorless

Called “the 101” because of its 101.73 carat weight, this colorless pear-shaped diamond sold at Christie’s for $26.7 million in 2013. Aside from its massive carat weight, this diamond demands a hefty price tag because of its Flawless clarity grade and D color grade.


9. Winston Blue Diamond

Blue pear shaped diamond

Image Source: Forbes

Price: $23.8 million
Date Sold: May 2014
Carat Weight: 13.22 carats
Color: Blue

The world’s largest flawless vivid blue diamond, “Winston Blue” weighs in at 13.22 carats. The diamond was purchased by Harry Winston for $23.8 million at Christie’s. The approximately $1.8 million per carat price paid is a world record for blue diamonds.


10. The Perfect Pink Diamond

perfect pink diamond


Image Source: Christie's

Price: $23.8 million
Date Sold: 2010 at Christie’s
Carat Weight: 14.23 carats
Color: Pink

The Perfect Pink is a 14.23-carat fancy pink emerald cut diamond. In 2010, it was auctioned at Christie’s Hong Kong for $23.2 million, making it the most expensive diamond ever sold in Asia. The Perfect Pink is set in a ring made of 18kt rose and white gold, with smaller, colorless emerald cut side diamonds to enhance the pink diamond’s sparkle.


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