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Engagement Ring Education

Keep up with the latest engagement ring trends, celebrity engagement rings, and more.

what does a 1 carat engagement ring look like
August 17, 2022

What does a 1 carat engagement ring look like?

A popular choice of diamond carat weight, 1-carat engagement rings are sought after in a range of settings and diamond shapes.

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yellow and rose gold rings

Choosing a Diamond for Yellow and Rose Gold

Here are some tips for selecting the perfect diamond to go with colored metal.

moonstone rings

Is moonstone good for engagement rings?

Moonstone isn't suitable for everyday wear. Learn why and discover alternatives for your engagement ring here.

Holding an engagement ring

How Thick Or Thin Should My Engagement Ring Be?

Dainty engagement rings are trendy, but may not last in the long run. Here's our tips for choosing the right engagement ring band size.

Rose gold engagement ring with a french-set diamond halo

FAQ: What is a French-Set Engagement Ring?

French-set bands often have more sparkle than any other type of diamond band, since they allow the most light to enter the diamonds.

wedding band engraved with "I Love You" on the inside

Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

At Ritani, we offer free engraving services so you can have a ring that’s as unique as your love. Get ideas on what to engrave on your ring here.

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This 2 carat round-cut diamond is an icon, a legend & she is the moment🫶✨💎
Wondering what the point of a hidden Halo is? In hidden halo settings, instead of framing the center stone, the halo sits below it in a "hidden" way and becomes a base for the diamond. The small, pave stones makes the center stone more brilliant from above!

💍: Custom Radiant Hidden Halo Engagement Ring — 3.03 Carat Radiant cut Diamond
6.55 carat pear cut diamond 🥵 #pearengagementring #pearcutdiamond #teardropengagementring
Simple oval perfection 🤌

💍: Custom 18kt Yellow Gold Oval Diamond Engagement Ring
Who would wear this 3.08 CT Radiant-cut Diamond?💎
It's #NationalGirlfriendDay - Are you trying to make your GIRLFRIEND your WIFE? Find your engagement ring today with Ritani🤍

💍: Custom Solitaire Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

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