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'Teen Wolf' Actor Tyler Posey and Singer Phem Announce Engagement

Tyler Posey, known for his role in the MTV series Teen Wolf, surprised his girlfriend, alt-rock singer Phem, with a heartfelt proposal during a romantic beach stroll earlier this year. The couple, who have been together for two years, got engaged in Cambria, California—Phem's favorite place. Posey revealed that they have a tradition of spending every Valentine's Day there, making it the perfect location for their engagement. With their wedding just around the corner in October, the couple is in the final stages of the planning process. They have chosen to tie the knot near their home, opting for an intimate wedding ceremony at a mutually meaningful location. They are planning for the reception to be a lively dance party, inviting all their guests to celebrate with them. While they prefer to keep the specific venue undisclosed, it will be at a place that holds significant sentimental value to the couple, making it an ideal choice for their special day.

​How Did They Meet?

Their love story began in 2020 when music producer John Feldmann organized a collaboration between Phem and Posey for a music project. The pair found common ground through shared experiences of singing about their past relationships, which ultimately brought them closer together. During their initial collaboration, Phem clarified that she wasn't seeking romance and approached their shared project strictly as a business endeavor. She appreciates the fact that they were friends first and foremost. However, as time went on, their bond evolved into something more profound, and they fell in love. Since their engagement, their connection has deepened even further. Phem believes that the experience of getting engaged brought about a notable change in their relationship. The love between them has become stronger and more deeply rooted. She anticipates that this love will continue to grow as they embark on married life together. Phem lovingly describes her future husband as kind-hearted and someone who truly understands her on a soul level.

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Posey has expressed his deep admiration for his future wife, emphasizing numerous qualities he finds remarkable. He cherishes their bond as best friends and marvels at her tenacity, noting that she is scrappy, never complains, and possesses an awe-inspiring work ethic. Additionally, he admires her ability to take care of herself, her ambitious nature, and her sense of humor. He also acknowledges her exceptional skills as a dog mom, valuing the love and care she provides to their three dogs. Posey gratefully acknowledges her unwavering support and protective instincts, acknowledging that she looks out for him better than he believes he could do for himself. He marvels at her willingness to grow and evolve alongside him as their relationship continuously enriches their lives. In Posey's eyes, she is the epitome of authenticity and genuinely the perfect match for him.

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About That Engagement Ring…

Phem’s engagement ring features an ample oval-shaped pale green diamond in a halo setting mounted on a yellow gold band. Posey designed the engagement ring himself, ensuring it incorporated Phem's favorite color, green. There are no details on the carat weight of the diamond, but it is clearly substantial in size.

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Singer Phem proudly shows her engagement ring.

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