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The Art of Wearing a Wedding Ring Set: A Guide

rose gold engagement ring and wedding band

The age-old question of whether to put on your engagement ring or wedding band first has puzzled newlyweds for generations. Traditionally, the wedding band takes the lead, with its place on the left ring finger before the engagement ring. While tradition may have its say, the final decision ultimately rests with the individual; like many wedding customs, this practice is not set in stone. More than ever, modern newlyweds embrace the freedom and flexibility to deviate from tradition, opting for a wedding ring set that aligns with their personal style and jewelry preferences.

As mentioned, the longstanding tradition entails wearing wedding bands below the engagement ring, symbolically keeping it close to the heart. However, there is wiggle room in how the wedding band is worn on the hand. While some prefer to anchor the ring at the bottom, it is entirely up to the newlywed to decide whether to place it above or below their engagement ring. This personal choice enables an individual to customize their rings and create a meaningful arrangement that resonates with their style and preferences. As the meaning behind wedding rings has evolved, newlyweds have discovered innovative ways to incorporate this symbol of love into their lives, tailoring it to their needs. For example, athletes, and others who frequently use their hands, often opt to wear their rings on necklaces as a practical solution to protect their precious rings. In keeping with the order in which they were received, many newlyweds elect to wear their wedding bands on top. Alternatively, some enjoy the freedom of switching the order of their ring set, allowing their choice to reflect their mood or style on any given day. Others even break away from the traditional wedding stack and prefer to wear their rings on separate fingers, creating a distinctive look.

What to Keep in Mind When Coordinating Your Wedding Ring Set

When planning your wedding ring set, it's essential to keep your engagement ring as the key focal point; as the first ring you received, it holds sentimental value and is a significant anchor in your design choices. While your rings don't need to be an exact match, it's often aesthetically pleasing when they share at least some mutual details. When creating a set, many incorporate matching diamond shapes or opt for the same metal hue to create a harmonious look. Some, however, prefer to defy convention and mix metals, stone shapes, and colors, making their set even more eye-catching and unique. Before your big day, try on your wedding ring set to ensure a cohesive and comfortable fit. This step allows you to see how the rings complement each other and enhance the beauty of your engagement ring. Do not hesitate to seek the guidance of a jeweler to ensure seamless integration between the two. If you want to add an extra touch of individuality, consider incorporating colored diamonds into your wedding ring set. A few carefully chosen pieces with vibrant stones can make a bold statement and infuse your ring set with distinction. Embrace the opportunity to explore different wedding ring styles and experiment with the order that feels right for you—this is your chance to express your personal style and create a ring set that perfectly reflects your love story.

Want to wear more than two rings? Consider a Wedding Ring Stack!

An emerging trend involves the inclusion of two bands, one positioned at the top and the other at the bottom of the engagement ring, referred to as a ring stack. Stacking creates a visually dynamic set, adding an extra layer of shimmer. Additionally, it has become common for a third band to be 'gifted' to an individual on their wedding day, either by their soon-to-be spouse, mother-in-law, or another family member, which bears significant symbolism, deepening the emotional value of the wedding ring set. The beauty of a ring stack lies in its versatility, allowing the wearer to customize their look by adding or swapping bands to suit their personal style or to commemorate significant milestones and special moments. Whether as a fashion statement or a sentimental gesture, a ring stack provides a creative and expressive way to embellish one's fingers with meaningful and eye-catching jewelry. Stacking bands creates a stunning layered aesthetic that serves as a visual representation of sentimental moments in life to symbolize and celebrate significant occasions such as anniversaries, the birth of a child, career milestones, or any other personal achievements worthy of commemoration. Each additional band becomes a meaningful marker of a special event, creating a beautiful tapestry of memories that decorates your fingers. With each ring added to the stack, your story unfolds, allowing you to carry the special moments and memories wherever you go. There’s no set rule on how many rings you should have in a stack, although most jewelry experts recommend starting with three rings, including your engagement ring, and gradually building a curated stack until you reach the limit of available space between your hand and knuckle. Once you have reached that point, you can put additional rings on another finger, continuing to create your personalized stack.

If you'd like some guidance in creating your perfect wedding set or stack or have other jewelry questions, contact us today! We also take pride in creating customized engagement rings and any other bespoke jewelry pieces your heart desires—let us help you get exactly what you want! 

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