What Is a Kite Setting?

By Brenna Ferrentino on January 28, 2021

If you are looking for a unique engagement ring or fine jewelry piece, look no further. A kite setting, also sometimes referred to as a compass setting, features prongs arranged in the North, South, East, and West position. This setting creates an interesting look for all diamonds, but especially square-shaped ones like the princess-cut, which turns the stone on its axis 

kite setting  princess cut solitaire engagement ring

A kite setting (left) vs. a regular four-prong setting (right) 

Are kite settings secure?  

Yes, kite settings are a secure way to hold your diamond. Like any prong setting, you should periodically check to make sure the prongs are not becoming loose. You can take your engagement ring or fine jewelry piece to a jeweler to be examined, or you can inspect the piece yourself. If you hold your ring up to your ear, shake it, and hear a rattling noise, that means your prongs have come loose and need to be tightened.  

Ritani’s lifetime warranty, which covers engagement rings and wedding bands, includes free center stone and side stone prong tightening. Contact customer service at 1-888-9RITANI or chat now to get started.  

kite set sapphire ring

In general, you should take special care with any diamond shape with sharp points, like princess-cut diamonds or pear-cut diamonds. Diamonds with sharp points are more prone to chipping. Make sure to take your ring off any time you are participating in a hands-on activity, like going to the gym or moving furniture.  


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