What is a split-shank engagement ring?

By A Ritani on May 07, 2020

A split-shank engagement ring is a style featuring a band that parts as it reaches the center setting. Typically, these designs will have a visible gap between the band and the center diamond or halo. This can have the effect of making the ring appear larger and more ornate.

Many vintage-inspired engagement rings will feature split shanks. Often, the band will be French-set, or set with micropavé diamonds. Parting the band provides more surface area to these smaller diamonds – thereby increasing the overall sparkle of your engagement ring.

French-set halo engagement ring with a split shank

In this round diamond halo style, for example, the split in the band is very subtle. Positioned closely to the French-set halo, the band seamlessly parts and blends into the center setting. The effect is classic brilliance, with an art deco twist. Here, the split is an accent to enhance the overall beauty of the ring’s head.

split shank engagement ring

This engagement ring features a band that parts noticeably wider, for a distinctive take on the classic solitaire. As worn, the band splits on the sides of the finger, giving the effect of two dazzling diamond bands that meet. Your center diamond is framed and given stunning focus, with surprise diamonds adorning its sides.

cushion cut split shank engagement ring

The square silhouette of this cushion halo lends itself to a larger split across the french-set diamond band. For this engagement ring style, the larger surface area of the band is a defining feature. This maximizes the antique effect of the diamond halo, as well as the surface area of the ring against the finger. Handcrafted to perfectly frame each center diamond, each ring designed in this style is utterly unique.


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