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Find Your Ring Size

Not sure how to measure your ring size at home? We've made it easy to find the right fit at home. Just in case, we offer 1 free resizing within the first year of purchase for U.S. customers.

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Download and print our easy-to-use ring size chart to measure your ring size at home.

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Our flat plastic ring sizer ensures accurate measurement. This ring sizer includes full and half sizes. You can expect your free ring sizer to arrive in 3 to 5 business days once you request it from our customer service team.

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Get tips on how (and when!) to measure your ring size or your partner's ring size in order to get a precise, comfortable fit.

Need help measuring your ring size? Not sure which ring size to purchase? Chat now with our Diamond Concierge Team.

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Learn the telltale signs of a ring that is too tight or too loose.

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Whether you have long fingers, wide fingers, short fingers, or slender fingers, discover which diamond shapes and settings will best flatter your hand, plus which stone shapes are universally flattering.

How to measure ring size

A jeweler can help you determine your ring size, but if you don’t want to leave the house, there are many ways to easily measure your ring size with a piece of string, paper, or a ring you already own that fits on your ring finger. It’s important to note that your finger size will change throughout the day - your fingers are typically smaller in the morning when you first wake up and larger in the evening. Because of this, it is wise to take two different measurements to get an accurate reading. To get started, download our free ring sizer here 

Next, wrap the string or piece of paper around your finger. Once you find a comfortable fit, mark the string/piece of paper or cut it. Make sure your piece of string/paper can slide over your knuckles – otherwise, you won’t be able to put the ring on. Then, measure the length of the string or paper in mm.  

Once you’ve determined the length, look in the circumference column on our ring sizer sheet. This will allow you to match the circumference in millimeters to your ring size. Alternatively, if you have an existing ring, print the ring sizer sheet, making sure printer scaling is set to 100%, then place the ring over each circle. The circle should fill the entire inner circle of the ring. You should not be able to see the circle on the outside of the ring when viewed above. If the ring falls between two different sizes, order the larger size.  

Alternatively, you can request a free ring sizer from our customer service team – contact us here. Our ring sizer uses rigid plastic circles that you put on each finger to find the right fit.  

If you don’t get your ring size right, don’t worry – Ritani offers one free resizing in the first year of purchase. 

How ring size is measured

Ring size is measured in a few different ways. Jewelers often have plastic or metal ring size gauges on hand. While using a ring size gauge, you must slide each gauge onto your finger to find the right size. Since they are rigid, they can provide the most reliable ring size, and can help those with larger knuckles find the right size. Another way to measure ring size is with a ring mandrel. This is a tapered metal tool that allows you to slide an existing ring that you know fits you to determine your ring size. Jewelers will also usually have a mandrel on hand, too.  

You can also measure ring size with one of our free ring sizersrequest a free one today. Our ring sizer contains rigid plastic circles for you to side onto your finger to find the right fit. Other ways ring size can be measured is by wrapping a string or piece of paper around your ring finger. Download and print our size chart here to find your corresponding ring size here. Our downloadable ring size chart also allows you to use an existing ring to determine ring size. Place an existing ring on one of the circles. Keep going until you find one where the entire inner circle is visible when viewing the ring from above. If the ring is between two sizes, choose the larger size.  

What is ring size measured in?

​Ring size is usually measured in millimeters based on the ring's inner diameter or circumference.  

How to measure ring size at home

The easiest way to measure ring size at home is by requesting a free ring sizer from us. If you can't wait, get started by downloading our free ring size chart. Print it and set your print scaling to 100% to ensure accuracy. If you already have a ring that you know fits you, but you’re not sure what size it is, use the first page of your ring size chart and place your ring on each circle. When you find a circle that fits entirely on the inside of the ring when viewed above, that’s how you’ll know it’s the corresponding ring size. 

You can also wrap a string or small strip of paper around your finger, then measure it in millimeters. Use our ring size chart to find your corresponding size in millimeters. 

Are there quarter ring sizes?

Yes, you can get your ring in quarter sizes for a snugger fit.  

What are sizing beads for rings?

​Sizing beads are tiny metal balls added to the inside of a ring to make the ring slightly smaller. Sizing beads can help stop your ring from spinning on your finger. They are ideal for those with larger knuckles because they are easy to put on while still providing a secure fit. Sizing beads can also be used for rings that can no longer be resized. 

Do you offer ring sizing beads?

Yes! Sizing beads are free for your first resizing. If you’ve already gotten your ring resized, but still want to add sizing beads, there will be a $35 fee to add them.  

Are sizing beads uncomfortable?

​It really depends on the person. Some may find them uncomfortable, while many don’t notice them at all. Luckily, they can easily be removed if necessary. 

Can sizing beads be removed?

​Yes, sizing beads can be removed. At Ritani, there is a $35 fee to remove your sizing beads.  

How much are ring sizing beads?

​At Ritani, you can get sizing beads added as your first free resizing, otherwise, if you have already resized your ring or missed the 1-year free resizing window it will cost $35.