Ritani Diamond & Concierge Services

Schedule a 1:1 virtual gemologist consultation with one of our non-commissioned gemologists, who have graduated from the GIA. Our Virtual Gemologists are here to help you get the perfect diamond or engagement ring for your budget. There’s never any pressure to buy anything - just real, honest advice. We’re even known for our exceptional advice and excellent service - our dedicated team gets 5 star reviews from our customers. We offer this free service because we want to make the engagement ring shopping experience easier for you.


Schedule An Appointment From One Of The Below Services:

Got questions?

There are so many things to know about diamonds and engagement rings. To make your shopping experience seamless, we can help you find the right diamond and the perfect setting. We’re ready to answer any of your questions, from understanding the 4 C’s to getting the right ring style.


Our virtual gemologists can help you add some personal touches to an existing engagement ring style or create a bespoke engagement ring from scratch. We create custom engagement rings for our customers at no extra cost because we want you to have your dream ring.

Diamond Comparison

With so many beautiful diamonds in our inventory, it can feel overwhelming to narrow it down to just one. Our Virtual Gemologists can walk you through the diamond certificates to help you choose the right one for your ring.