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0.72 Carat Emerald Diamond
SKU: D-1AFRJQSH1JVery Good | D | VS2

GIA #6485183303
Ritani Reserve
Ritani Reserve
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Gemologist Score 4/6
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Improved fluorescence
Ritani Reserve
Ritani Reserve
Ritani Reserve Diamonds are an elite selection of diamonds, chosen through rigorous criteria to maximize their sparkle. Among the 4 Cs, cut is paramount, and Ritani Reserve diamonds excel in this aspect. Their precise cutting maximizes light reflection, resulting in unmatched brilliance, fire, and scintillation. These standards are so stringent that less than 10% of ideal cut diamonds meet these criteria, setting them apart in both quality and visual appeal.
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Very Good
Video: Available
Certificate: GIA
Table: 65%
Depth: 68.2%
Crown Angle: 0
Crown Height: 14.69
Pavilion Angle: 0
Pavilion Depth: 49.42
Girdle Percentage:
Slightly Thick to Thick, Polished
L/W Ratio: 1.4
Cut is the quality of a diamond's proportions and symmetry. The better a diamond's proportions and symmetry, the more sparkle it will produce. Cut is the most important of the 4 Cs.
Cut VG imageGreat amount of sparkle. Excellent polish. Very good symmetry.
Cut: Very Good
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Very Good
Table: 65%
Depth: 68.2%
Crown Angle: 0
Girdle Thickness:
Girdle Percentage:
Slightly Thick to Thick, Polished
Pavilion Angle: 0
Width: 4.23
Length: 5.91
L/W Ratio: 1.4
Culet: N
5.91 x 4.23 x 2.89 mm
Carat is the measure of a diamond's weight and size. We offer an array of high-quality diamonds ranging from 0.18 to 25.00 carats- with 1.00 carat being the most popular.
Carat: 0.72
Looks Like: 0.74
This will look larger than a 0.72 carat diamond
A diamond's color grade actually measures how little color it reflects. To strike the best balance between cost and beauty, go for diamonds in the Near Colorless range: G, H, and I.
Color: D
Clarity indicates how many flaws are visible to the naked eye. Too many flaws can detract from a diamond's beauty.
Clarity: VS2
Fluorescence: Medium
Eye Clean: Yes
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