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The Aria Halo
SKU: 1CUZ132114kt White Gold / Cushion


0.81 Carat Cushion Lab Diamond
SKU: D-9SDFPJDF5VVery Good | F | VS2

Ring Total
Ring Informationarrow up
SKU#: 1CUZ1321
Metal: 14kt White Gold
Metal Weight: 3.33 g
Band Width: 1.8 mm

Set yourself apart with our Cushion-shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring. As unique engagement rings for women go, this one definitely stands out for its intricate halo design and stunning diamond arrangement. The style encapsulates a blend of classic and contemporary, making it a perfect choice for brides looking for something timeless.

This luxurious diamond engagement ring is designed to impress with a row of radiant French-set diamonds fashioning the band. Your chosen center diamond is beautifully enhanced by a sparkling cushion-shaped pavé halo that adds extra brilliance. When it comes to considering unique engagement rings for women, this diamond-studded piece unquestionably stands high among the rest.

Not only does it feature a beautiful blend of design elements, but this diamond engagement ring is also a perfect representation of enduring affection. It pairs flawlessly with its matching band, the Women's 0.28ctw French-set Diamond Ring, offering an extra layer of sparkle.

When it's time to pop the question, our Cushion-shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is the epitome of unforgettable elegance. While many engagement rings for women focus on mainstream designs, ours offers something distinctively unique and extraordinary. Its radiant gleam and exclusive design highlight the commitment and love you share, making it an ideal choice among other diamond engagement rings. Get ready to let your love shine brighter than ever with this spectacular piece.

Sidestone Attributesarrow up
Minimum Total CTW: 0.45
Minimum Color: H
Minimum Clarity: VS2
Expert Analysis
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Gemologist Score 6/6
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Visual CTW
Eye Clean
Best Value
Best Value
Whether you prefer a classic, modern, bold, or vintage design, there is an engagement ring setting to perfectly suit your style. Traditional solitaire, glamorous halo, sentimental three-stone, shimmery side-stone, charming vintage, and romantic two-stone engagement rings all offer a variety of choices, each with its own distinctive features and symbolism.
Cut is the quality of a diamond's proportions and symmetry. The better a diamond's proportions and symmetry, the more sparkle it will produce. Cut is the most important of the 4 Cs.
Cut VG imageGreat amount of sparkle. Excellent polish. Excellent symmetry.
Cut: Very Good
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent
Table: 60%
Depth: 67.7%
Crown Angle: 34.6
Girdle Thickness:
Girdle Percentage:
thin to medium (faceted)
Pavilion Angle: 36.1
Width: 4.74
Length: 6.89
L/W Ratio: 1.45
Culet: N
6.89 x 4.74 x 3.21 mm
Carat is the measure of a diamond's weight and size. We offer an array of high-quality diamonds ranging from 0.18 to 25.00 carats- with 1.00 carat being the most popular.
Carat: 0.81
Looks Like: 0.84
This will look larger than a 0.81 carat diamond
A diamond's color grade actually measures how little color it reflects. To strike the best balance between cost and beauty, go for diamonds in the Near Colorless range: G, H, and I.
Color: F
Clarity indicates how many flaws are visible to the naked eye. Too many flaws can detract from a diamond's beauty.
Clarity: VS2
Fluorescence: None
Eye Clean: Yes
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