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August 16, 2022

Buyers Guide: Halo Engagement Rings

yellow gold halo engagement ring with a round-cut diamond center stone

Halo engagement rings provide a wealth of fire, vibrancy, and prestige, featuring a gorgeous medley of stones set in a show-stopping cluster. More ornate and statement-worthy than the classic solitaire engagement ring, the halo diamond engagement ring is the ultimate selection for those who seek a multi-stone or multi-diamond style for their momentous purchase forever cherished and remembered.

Halo diamond engagement rings present a bevy of different styles to choose from, with each a captivating treasure for your special moment.

What are Halo Engagement Rings?

In halo engagement rings, smaller or melee diamonds frame the center stone in a wreath or halo, giving the ring incredible glamour because of its cluster style. 

halo engagement ring

Halos come in different sizes, shapes, and placements. Halos give the engagement ring a dazzling look of decadence with so many stones. They are very popular because they create the illusion of a larger diamond while also providing extra sparkle. 

halo vs solitaire engagement ring

Above: our ribbon diamond halo engagement ring vs our ribbon solitaire engagement ring.

Halos can also protect your center diamond and are especially beneficial for diamonds with sharp points, like the pear or marquise-cut diamond, which are more prone to chipping.

Halo engagement rings are available in different colors and karats of gold, platinum, two-tone combinations, and tri-colored mountings.

Ritani: Your Source for Halo Engagement Rings

Ritani features a large halo engagement ring collection online. These diamond engagement rings are easily customizable for your chosen price points and the design you have envisioned. Building your dream halo engagement ring is fully immersive and rewarding with our easy-to-use menu options on each listing. Have a hand in designing your engagement ring with a few clicks of the button and payment options suited for your budget/lifestyle.

This blog post will serve as a guide for purchasing the perfect halo engagement ring, introducing different mountings and shapes for your consideration.

Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Hidden halo engagement rings are trending for their ultra-luxurious and prestigious look. Hidden halos are also available in different shapes, depending on the center stone.

hidden halo engagement ring

Diamonds may also be set into the prongs of the engagement ring center stone, along with the hidden halo. This look produces a trellis effect with rows of diamonds placed on the setting of the center stone along the halo encompassing the center stone in a circle.

Buying Suggestion: If you prefer subtle glamour but want a little extra sparkle, choose a hidden halo engagement ring. Just out of sight, hidden halos sparkle with hand and finger movements.

Round Halo Engagement Rings

Round-cut stones remain one of the most popular purchased stone shapes. Classic and brilliant, a round stone is easy to mix and match with other shaped side stones, creating a dazzling mix of geometry and luxury.

Round halo engagement rings feature a round-cut stone in the center (usually a round brilliant-cut) framed by glittering side stones arranged around it in a round cluster.  Round halo engagement rings are available in petite, medium, and large sizes, presenting a wealth of customization so you can choose the perfect size for your lifestyle and budget.

Buying Suggestion: Round halo engagement ring is the ultimate choice for those who want a classic look, perfect for every day, and are very easy to pair with a wedding band because of its symmetry.

Oval Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are often thought of as round center stones. However, halo engagement rings are available in different shapes and sizes.

oval-cut halo engagement ring

Oval halo engagement rings offer all the striking brilliance round brilliant cut stones offer, with a distinctive vintage look. Oval halo engagement rings showcase a stunning oval shape in a dazzling mounting, exuding an ornate clustered look that is sure to capture attention.

Buying Suggestion: Oval halo engagement rings are made to get noticed! Make a statement in lavish style with an oval engagement ring.

Cushion Halo Engagement Rings

Cushion-shaped stones are one of the oldest shapes, calling to mind vintage luxury and painstaking workmanship with some of the first jewelry/stone cutting tools. These stones feature a square cut with rounded corners.

rose gold cushion-cut halo engagement ring

Cushion stones were once called Old Mine cuts. Old Mine cuts have been around for almost 200 years! These traditional cuts are sophisticated and refined, showcasing an Old World elegance. Cushion cuts are reimagined Old Mine cuts but still retain the beauty of this timeless and popular cut stone.

Buying Suggestion: Perfect for those who adore all things antique and vintage. Sparkling stones around the cushion center stone amplify its mesmerizing shape, ideal for those who want to get noticed with the halo/cluster setting. Indulge in a cushion-shaped stone--for a look of timeless sophistication with a modern touch.

Double Halo Engagement Rings

Double your luxury with a double halo engagement ring! These stunning diamond engagement rings feature two halos placed around the center stone in graduated layers, giving it a dazzling double-decker effect.

double halo engagement ring

Double halos come in different shapes and sizes, just like single halo diamond engagement rings. Marquise, round, princess, cushion, and marquise are all available with double halos.

Double halos can also be arranged in a tiered setting. For example, the second halo may be set slightly lower to amplify and complement the center stone.

Buying Suggestion: Do you love the multi-stone look, cocktail rings, and cluster styles? Double halos feature a multitude of stones, together creating a show-stopping cluster of vibrancy and sparkle.

Emerald Halo Engagement Rings

emerald-cut halo engagement ring

Emerald cuts are rectangular cuts named after the gemstone emerald. These step cuts must utilize higher quality clarity diamonds because the inclusion cannot hide underneath or between any facets. When viewed through the table (top of the stone), the viewer can see right through the stone.

Emerald cuts are available in modified cuts, lending additional facets to the pavilion.

Emerald cuts are also available as square emerald cuts, a square version of the rectangle version.

Buying Suggestion: Emerald halo engagement rings are less common, making them unique and mesmerizing….ideal for those who want to grab attention with their remarkable shape. A halo surrounding the emerald-cut will add extra sparkle to your ring.

Modified Brilliant Cut Halo Engagement Rings

So, what exactly is a “modified” brilliant-cut stone? Modified brilliants are classic stone cuts designed with extra facets, amping up the fire and dispersion of light. Modified brilliant cut stones provide modernity to these stone cuts, complimenting the stone cut with expertly added facets on the stone cut. Modified brilliant cuts can have a few extra facets or many, depending on the design. These skilled cutters are responsible for making the stone attractive (GIA).

Facets are flat surface cuts along with the stone, creating all of the fire the stone displays.

Asscher cuts are modified square emerald cuts/octagonal cuts with large facets on the bottom.

yellow gold asscher-cut halo engagement ring

As mentioned previously, cushion cuts are often modified Old Mine cuts and contain added facets on the bottom.

Extra facets can be added to round brilliant cut diamonds, which typically have 58 facets, including the culet (bottom point).

Keep Reading: What You Should Know About Modified Brilliant-Cut Diamonds

Buying Suggestion: Do you want extra brilliance and fire for your engagement ring? Choosing a modified brilliant or fancy cut stone will help add fire and intrigue to your diamond halo engagement ring.

Ritani: Diamond Halo Engagement Rings: Modern & Classic

Ritani offers a large assortment of various cuts and sized halo engagement rings, providing an endless catalog of choices right for your budget. Please feel free to contact us with a rendering or concept you have in mind for an engagement ring, a stone shape, halo setting, and mounting today.

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