What is a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

By Brenna Ferrentino on February 26, 2021

Engagement rings with a hidden halo are currently trending. A traditional halo engagement ring features tiny diamonds set around the border of the center stone. This makes the center stone appear larger and adds extra sparkle.  

halo engagement ring

French-set Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 

A hidden halo engagement ring features diamonds circling around the base of the center stone. When viewing your engagement ring from above, you won’t see the hidden halo, but it can be viewed from the side. Hidden halos work for any diamond shape. 

hidden halo engagement ring

Solitaire Diamond Gallery Engagement Ring 

While a hidden halo won't necessarily make your center stone appear larger, it will add breathtaking artistry and ensure sparkle from additional angles.

Should I choose a traditional halo or a hidden halo engagement ring?  

It’s all about preference. If you are looking for something a bit more unique, go with a hidden halo, since they are less common than traditional halo engagement rings. Some prefer the traditional halo engagement ring since it creates the illusion of a larger diamond, which can be helpful for those on a budget.  

Celebrities with Hidden Halo Engagement Rings 

There are dozens of celebs with hidden halo engagement rings, but here are a few of our favorites.   

Jasmine Tookes 

A hidden halo rests under the model’s 7-carat oval-cut diamond. Her fiancé Juan David Borrero designed the stunning ring with Ritani, who created the masterpiece. The two were engaged September 2020.   

Hailey Baldwin Bieber

Mrs. Bieber’s approximately 10-carat oval-cut diamond engagement ring broke the internet in 2018. The yellow gold solitaire engagement ring features a stunning hidden halo. Hailey and Justin married just two months after their engagement. 

Get the Look: Solitaire Diamond Gallery Engagement Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold

yellow gold hidden halo engagement ring

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Demi-Leigh Tebow 

The 2017 Miss Universe winner received a whopping 7.25-carat round-cut diamond engagement ring in January 2019 from Tim Tebow. The diamond-encrusted band and hidden halo add extra sparkle to this gorgeous ring. The two tied the knot one year later.  

Get the Look: Diamond Gallery Engagement Ring in 14kt White Gold

hidden halo engagement ring with sidestones

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Kim Kardashian  

Kim Kardashian’s cushion-cut engagement ring from Kanye West in 2013 was truly unforgettable. The unique 15-carat cushion-cut diamond ring was set with compass-point prongs, a delicate diamond band, and hidden halo. The couple wed in 2014, though unfortunately their marriage didn’t last – Kardashian recently filed for divorce.   

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cushion cut engagement ring

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