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August 16, 2022

The Ultimate Teardrop Engagement Ring Buying Guide

pear cut vintage engagement ring

Teardrop engagement rings are perfect for someone who seeks a distinct and sparkly ring. This style is increasingly popular and offers some unique perks.


  • What is a teardrop engagement ring?
  • The benefits of teardrop engagement rings
  • How to buy the perfect teardrop-shaped diamond
  • How to wear a teardrop engagement ring

Keep reading to learn more about this gorgeous engagement ring style.

What is a teardrop engagement ring?

Has your significant other hinted that they want a teardrop engagement ring, but you’re not really sure what that means? A teardrop engagement ring is the exact same thing as a pear-cut engagement ring. Below is an example of a teardrop engagement ring:

teardrop diamond ring

Teardrop-shaped diamonds are an elongated shape with one pointed end and one rounded end. Teardrop-shaped diamonds can be used in many different setting styles, such as solitaire settings, sidestone settings, halo settings, three-stone settings, and more.

Why should you choose a teardrop engagement ring?

1. Teardrop diamonds look bigger.

Teardrop diamonds have a large surface area. The diamond’s point also helps it look larger. Teardrop diamonds tend to appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight. On average, a one-carat round-cut diamond measures 6.5mm, while a one-carat teardrop-cut diamond measures 7.7x5.7 mm on average, however, this can vary depending on the stone’s length to width ratio.

2. Teardrop diamonds are cheaper.

Teardrop diamonds are much cheaper than other diamond shapes. Round-cut diamonds are the most expensive shape since they are the most popular and produce the most rough diamond waste.

3. You can easily change up its look.

Teardrop rings can be worn with the point facing your fingertips, or towards your knuckle. Both ways create different looks.

Teardrop Engagement Ring Styles

Here are the most popular styles of teardrop diamond rings to help you narrow down your search. You should always choose a setting with a prong that protects the delicate point of your diamond. V-prongs (shown in the setting below) provide the most protection.

Solitaire Teardrop Engagement Rings

solitaire teardrop engagement ring

Solitaire engagement rings feature a plain band and a single diamond. This style pairs easily with many different wedding band styles and is often the most affordable since they are so simple. Solitaire rings are the best option for someone with an active lifestyle since there are no sidestones that can be accidentally knocked out.

Perfect for someone who wants something simple yet timeless.

Sidestone Teardrop Engagement Rings

sidestone diamond teardrop engagement ring

Sidestone engagement rings feature tiny diamond diamonds set in the band for a classic look. This will add a little extra sparkle and brilliance overall to your ring.

Perfect for someone who wants a sparkly and romantic look.

Halo Teardrop Engagement Rings

halo teardrop engagement ring

Halo teardrop diamond rings provide eye-catching glamour. This ring style features tiny diamonds that line your center stone, making it appear even larger and adding extra sparkle to your ring. Halos can actually help protect the delicate tip of your pear-cut diamond.

Perfect for someone looking for a bold and brilliant ring.

Three-Stone Teardrop Engagement Rings

three-stone teardrop pear cut ring

The three stones in this engagement ring style are said to represent your past, present, and future. Also sometimes called trilogy rings, they create a beautiful, balanced look. Popular side stones for 3-stone rings include baguette-cut diamonds (pictured above), round-cut diamonds, and pear-cut diamonds.

Perfect for someone who is seeking simple elegance in their engagement ring.

Vintage Teardrop Engagement Rings

vintage-inspired teardrop ring

Vintage-inspired rings are all the rage right now. Full of unique, lavish designs, you’ll love the look of a vintage teardrop engagement ring on your finger.

Perfect for someone who appreciates the little details and dares to be different.

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Metals for your Teardrop Engagement Ring

You’ll want to choose the right metal for your ring that suits your tastes and lifestyle.

Rose Gold

rose gold teardrop engagement ring

Rose gold teardrop engagement rings are one of the most sought-after choices. Its warm, romantic hue doesn’t require any extra upkeep. Ritani offers 18kt rose gold for its rings.

White Gold

solitaire pear-cut engagement ring

White gold is the most popular choice for engagement rings. Its cool tone is timeless and flattering and it’s also very affordable. However, white gold will require extra rhodium plating overtime to restore its bright luster. Ritani offers 14kt white gold (which is less expensive) and 18kt white gold.

Yellow Gold

yellow gold teardrop engagement ring

This warm metal is a classic choice. Yellow gold has been used to craft jewelry for centuries. Yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic option out of all the golds. Ritani offers 18kt yellow gold for its engagement rings.

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platinum teardrop engagement ring

Platinum is a great hypoallergenic metal for your engagement ring. This rare metal is also extremely durable, making it perfect for an heirloom piece. Platinum is more expensive than gold due to its rarity.

Choosing the Right Teardrop Diamond

Have you heard of the 4 Cs? The 4 Cs are essential to know in order to choose a quality diamond.


Cut is often considered the most important of the 4 Cs. A well-cut diamond will provide lots of sparkle, on the other hand, a poorly cut diamond won’t sparkle very much. Choose a Very Good cut for your teardrop diamond.

It’s also important to choose a pear-cut diamond will excellent symmetry. A pear-cut diamond with poor symmetry will be obvious to the naked eye.


Most shoppers desire a colorless diamond; however, these diamonds are the most expensive. We recommend near-colorless diamonds in the G through J range. These diamonds will face up white and can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


Clarity refers to how many (or how few) imperfections a diamond has. These inclusions (imperfections on the inside of the stone) are naturally occurring. Too many inclusions can make your stone less attractive and less sparkly. While some SI1 and SI2 stones can be eye-clean, we recommend a minimum clarity grade of VS2. It’s important to always view HD imagery of your diamond before making a purchase. You can also take advantage of our Free In-Store Preview program which allows you to view your diamond or completed engagement ring at a store or WeWork near you before you purchase it.


Carat refers to the weight of your diamond. Luckily for you, teardrop-shaped diamonds appear larger than other diamond shapes. The carat weight you choose is up to you. The heavier the carat weight, the more expensive the diamond will be. The nationwide average for diamond engagement rings is about 1 carat.

If you have your heart set on a bigger diamond but can’t afford it, look into lab-grown diamonds. These manmade stones are at least 30% cheaper than mined diamonds, and best of all, you can’t tell the difference between a mined diamond and a lab-created diamond. You can learn more about lab-grown diamonds here.

Length to Width Ratios

pear diamond length to width ratios

Each teardrop-shaped diamond is cut differently. The stone’s length to width ratio will change its appearance. There is no right or wrong length to width ratio to choose from, however, most shoppers prefer a pear-cut diamond with a length to width ratio of 1.5-1.7.

Beware of the Bowtie Effect

pear cut diamond bowtie effect image source: GIA

Image Source: GIA

Teardrop-shaped diamonds sometimes have a dark bowtie-like shape which many find unflattering. The best way to avoid stones with this is to view HD imagery and/or videos of it.

How to Wear a Teardrop Engagement Ring

how to wear a teardrop engagement ring

Most people wear their teardrop engagement ring with the point facing their fingertips (shown above).

However, you can also wear it with the point facing your wrist (shown below) to create a fun new look.

pear halo engagement ring on hand

Ready to find your dream teardrop engagement ring?

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