Engagement Ring Settings

By A Ritani on March 03, 2021

The Ring Setting

Know Your Setting Options

The ring setting secures the center diamond to the ring band. Ring settings range from very simple to quite intricate. Bezels or prongs are the most basic ways to secure a center diamond; a ring with a simple prong or bezel setting is known as a solitaire.

Additional design details can be added to prong or bezel settings to create more intricate rings, such as halo or three stone engagement rings.

Read on to explore the different types of engagement ring settings.

Prong Setting

A prong setting uses small tips of metal to hold the center diamond in place on the engagement ring band. Lots of light reaches the diamond, producing beautiful sparkle. Prongs raise the diamond above the band for a simple, classic look.


Bezel Setting

semi bezel setting engagement ring

A bezel setting secures the center diamond with a solid circle of precious metal around the diamond’s sides. Bezel-set engagement rings are more secure than prong-set rings, and provide a seamless, modern look. A diamond is less likely to be chipped or scratched in a bezel setting since less of it is exposed. Bezel settings also minimize the risk of snagging your ring on clothing. Because they are so durable, bezel set engagement rings are a popular choice for those who live a very active lifestyle.

Ritani’s semi-bezel setting provides the security of a bezel, but allows more light to reach the diamond’s sides. This increases sparkle, similar to a prong setting.


Halo Setting

halo setting engagement ring

The halo setting uses either prongs or a bezel to secure the center diamond, which is encircled by another band of diamond-studded precious metal. A bezel-set center stone lends the halo ring a vintage feel, while prongs create a modern look. Ritani also offers a stunning double halo setting, which adds yet another circle of diamonds surrounding the center stone.

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Three-Stone Setting

three stone ring

The three stone setting uses two smaller diamonds to flank the center diamond. The classic three stone style uses three diamonds of the same shape, but some prefer to mix and match shapes, for example pairing a princess shaped center diamond with round shaped side stones.

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Cathedral Setting

cathedral setting

The cathedral setting is a modification that can be added to most engagement rings, including simple prong-set rings, halo rings and three-stone engagement rings. Much like the shape of an actual cathedral building, the band gradually rises upward to secure the center diamond. This not only adds structural stability to the ring, but allows additional light to enter the diamond, creating greater sparkle.


Surprise Setting

surprise diamond setting

Surprise diamonds can be added to any type of engagement ring setting. These small accents create subtle sparkle and are a fantastic way to increase the brilliance and artistry of a ring.


Designed by master craftsmen, our engagement settings combine timeless elegance with cutting-edge trends. Now get started shopping for the engagement ring of their dreams!

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