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How to Buy a Fancy Yellow Diamond

fancy yellow diamonds

Yellow diamonds, also sometimes referred to as canary diamonds, come in a variety of intensities and are a stunning choice for an engagement ring or fine jewelry. Fancy color diamonds are extremely rare; however, yellow and brown diamonds are the most common of the fancy colors.  

Yellow diamonds are unique in that the stronger their yellow hue, the more expensive they become. Normally, with colorless diamonds, their value decreases as they show more colorYellow diamonds are considered fancy colored diamonds when they have more yellow than a Z colored diamond.  

diamond color scale


How are yellow diamonds made?

Yellow diamonds get their color when nitrogen is present while the diamond is being formed. Most yellow diamonds come from South Africa, but they can be found all over the world.

Not all yellow diamonds are naturally occurring. Some diamonds are color treated through special techniques to make them yellow. You should always check your diamond’s grading certificate, which will indicate if the diamond is natural or has been color treated. Ritani only offers natural fancy yellow diamonds. Yellow diamonds can also be lab grown. 

The Meaning of Yellow Diamonds 

Yellow diamonds mean happiness, hope, prosperity, and optimism, making them a great choice for an engagement ring or fine jewelry.  

Yellow Diamond Color Grades  

Fancy yellow diamonds can receive a Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow, or Fancy Vivid Yellow color grade.  

Fancy light

Fancy Light Yellow

Fancy Yellow

fancy intense yellow

Fancy Intense Yellow

Fancy vivid yellow

Fancy Vivid Yellow

The color you choose is really up to you. As stated earlier, the more intense your fancy yellow diamond’s color, the more expensive it will be, so your budget will be a big factor in the diamond color you choose. 

While shopping for a fancy yellow diamond, it is best to stick with stones that have no fluorescence or faint fluorescence. Since fluorescence typically makes a diamond emit blue light when it is exposed to UV light, having medium, strong, or very strong fluorescence may affect the diamond’s color negatively by making it look less yellow.  

Choosing the Right Cut Grade  

Cut is still important for fancy color diamonds. Choose a minimum of a Very Good cut to ensure optimal brilliance in your diamond. A great cut will also help bring out the diamond’s color by allowing enough light to enter the stone.  

Choosing the Right Clarity Grade 

Inclusions can affect the beauty of your fancy yellow diamond. To ensure an eye-clean diamond, choose a stone with a clarity grade of VS2 or greater. If you are creating a pendant or earrings, you can choose an SI1 or SI2 diamond since they are not examined as closely as an engagement ring.  

How to Set Your Yellow Diamond 

Keep in mind that when you pick a yellow diamond, it may appear slightly darker once it is placed in a setting.   

The metal you choose will impact the appearance of your yellow diamond. Since diamonds are extremely reflective, the metal surrounding them can affect their color. Because of this, most people choose yellow gold settings for their yellow diamond to boost its color, or yellow gold prongs to secure the stone 

fancy yellow diamond engagement ring


Yellow gold diamonds also pair nicely with rose gold, another warm metal.

rose gold yellow diamond engagement ring

Yellow Diamond Shapes 

While round-cut diamonds are the most popular shape in colorless diamonds, they are much more difficult to find in fancy yellow diamonds. The brilliant faceting style of round-cut diamonds often subdues the color of fancy diamonds, making it a less desirable cut.  

Fancy shapes, especially the radiant-cut and cushion-cutare best for bringing out the color in yellow diamonds.  


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