A Diamond Fell Out of My Ring – What Do I Do?

By Brenna Ferrentino on April 07, 2021

A diamond falling out of your ring is a stressful experience. Unfortunately, your ring isn’t indestructible, but don’t worry – this happens more often than you think! This is not necessarily a reflection of poor craftsmanship - a ring worn frequently is more likely to become damaged. 

Side stones fall out more often than center stones since they are tiny and subject to hits and blows. This is why it’s so important to take your engagement ring or wedding ring off anytime you are doing anything strenuous 

You may not notice immediately if a diamond falls out of your engagement ring or wedding ring. Tiny side stones can be hard to find. If you can locate the stone, hold onto it – your jeweler will likely be able to reset it in your ring. 

If you still can’t find your diamond, try retracing your steps. Notify any restaurants, stores, or public places you’ve been too since you realized your diamond was missing – there’s a chance someone will return it if they’re honest.  

A great way to find your lost diamond is returning to areas where you may have lost it at night. Bring a flashlight and shine it on the ground. Since diamonds are cut to reflect light, you may see a shimmer of light on the ground and find your lost diamond.  

Blacklights can also sometimes be handy to help you find your diamond. Some, but not all diamonds have fluorescence that makes them glows under UV light. A blacklight can help you uncover your diamond if it has fluorescence. 

Another place to look: try checking your pockets and every crevice of your purse. It’s possible that you knocked your diamond out of the ring reaching into one of these places.  

If you still aren’t having any luck finding your side stoneit may be time to cut your losses and have the stone replaced. If your ring is from Ritani, you can ship it back to us for repairs. If we determine that your diamond fell out due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace the side stone for free. If we determine that the diamond fell out from wear and tear, there will be a small fee depending on the size of the side stone.  

Things get trickier when you’ve lost the center stone of your engagement ring since they are of higher valueIf you have engagement ring insuranceyou should file a claim. Unfortunately, if you don’t have insurance, there isn’t much you can do for your center stone other than to purchase a new diamond. If you are looking for an inexpensive replacement, try a lab-grown diamond. Lab-grown diamonds can be up to 30% less expensive than earth-grown diamonds.  

Preventing Loss  

As mentioned earlier, one important thing you can do to prevent a diamond from falling out of your ring is to take it off before partaking in any hands-on activities.   

Another important way to prevent losing diamond is to routinely inspect your ring. Hold your ring up to your ear and shake it. If you can hear rattling, that means your prongs need to be tightened. Stop wearing your ring immediately until you can get the prongs tightened. You can also firmly run your fingers over any side stones to make sure they are not becoming loose. Fortunately, if your ring is from Ritaniprong retightening for side stones and center stones is covered for free in our warranty. To get take advantage of this free service, contact our customer service team. 


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