6 Best Places to Propose in Los Angeles

By A Ritani on May 08, 2020

Just as Hollywood and Vine symbolizes the intersection of the radio and movie industries, the Los Angeles area can be considered the American pop culture epicenter of  both cool and kitsch. While this trendy city is home to the greatest concentration of creative industries workers in the world, it is also a mecca for enthusiasts of custom cars, David Hasselhof, and unique 1950s architecture.

LA is often the place to be for those seeking to reinvent themselves, and that’s why so many venues throughout the city are perfect proposal locations for those determined to start out on their own distinct path. Here are our six favorite places to propose in Los Angeles (and the surrounding area):



A classic engagement locale since 1955, Disneyland (in Anaheim) is a favorite spot for couples intent on living happily ever after. While you won’t score points for proposal originality, popping the question inside the Magic Kingdom is a fairy-tale favorite among dedicated and lifelong Disney fans. Especially those who are inclined to pay extra for professional touches like Disney-inspired diamond engagement rings and matching wedding bands.

If you’re seeking proposal assistance, check out the Disney Weddings services online. Options include assistance from your favorite characters and cast members at specific places that are significant or sentimental to both of you. For example, near the entrance of It’s a Small World or a waterside table at the Blue Bayou Restaurant. If you’re determined to do it all yourself, proposals in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle are an all-time favorite. However, you won’t find much privacy unless you wait for the crowds to leave after the fireworks show.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame

If you both share a favorite celebrity on the Walk of Fame, asking your significant other to marry you over the coral-hued terrazzo star offers an affordable and memorable experience. You should definitely conduct a little pre-proposal reconnaissance at the location to determine the best time of day for popping the question, though. The Walk hosts over ten million visitors each year and there are also plenty of street performers and other characters, so if privacy and possibly ring security are a concern, choose a time that works best for you. Keep a back-up plan in mind in case too many other fans are orbiting your star.

Hermosa Beach Pier

Hermosa Beach Pier

Few romantic experiences rival the Hermosa Beach Pier just before sunset. It’s one of the most visually striking places to propose in Los Angeles that is also casual and affordable. Unlike most Los Angeles beaches, Hermosa offers ample metered parking, although you might find yourself walking for a while if you’re intent on nabbing a freebie on a summer weekend. Making a play for proposal privacy usually requires choosing a weeknight, but bide your time and you might find the right opportunity any day of the week. Browse the surf shops, grab a bite to eat, have a glass of wine and then stroll out and pop the question under the glowing sky and among the scattered fishermen on the pier.

The Pacific Wheel at Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

It might be the end of the trail for Route 66, but the Santa Monica Pier is a traditional starting point for many successful LA relationships and marriages. Preface your proposal with the lights and blare of the Pacific Park amusement rides or an extended evening walk along the beach. The solar-powered Pacific Wheel was recently cited by USA Today as one of the most romantic places in Los Angeles, so the line tends to run long on especially beautiful days.

Crowds are not the only thing you should consider before buying your ticket and taking a ferris wheel ride. If your companion has concerns about vertigo or is afraid of heights, you should rethink your plans. Riders who are afraid of heights often point out that the octagon-shaped gondolas on the Pacific Wheel tend to shift or lean slightly during the ride. So, if your partner has a fear of heights, the ideal moment for a proposal may not be 130 feet above the pier.

Mulholland Drive Overlooks

Mulholland Drive overlook

This one is self-explanatory, but this is not to say that views and driving conditions are any less ideal just after the sun goes down. The preferred and most popular direction for Mulholland Drive is from I-405 to Highway 101 (west to east), because visitors have easier access to favorite stops like the Hollywood Bowl overlook. With this in mind, don’t hesitate to go against the tourist crowd or at least avoid the most congested turnout spots. Another strategy is to drive Mulholland on a weekday instead of a sunny weekend to pop the question.

The Rooftop of the Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel


The Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles is probably best known among the mainstream for eclectic furnishings with distinct touches, like Martin acoustic guitars in most guest rooms. Those in the know are usually fans of the Ace for the open-air hipster heaven thirteen stories above street level. Even if thirteen is your lucky number, plan ahead and make reservations because this poolside rooftop lounge remains popular from breakfast to late-night cocktails.

Are you still looking for the perfect ring to accompany your LA proposal? In Los Angeles, engagement rings with a classic solitaire setting are generally the most popular. This is true for the entirety of California, as well. Solitaire engagement rings are at once traditional and timeless, as well as highly customizable.

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