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August 16, 2022

Can you use an eternity band as an engagement ring?

diamond eternity rings

Engagement rings are getting more and more unique. Some couples are even using eternity bands as engagement rings. If you are looking for an alternative engagement ring, you may want to consider an eternity ring.  


  What is an eternity ring?

  The meaning of eternity rings

  The pros and cons of eternity engagement rings

  Popular eternity ring styles

  Wedding ring options for your eternity band engagement ring

What is an Eternity Ring?

diamond eternity ring

Eternity rings feature diamonds going all the way around the band, creating an endless circle of diamonds. Eternity rings can feature any diamond shape, or alternating diamond shapes (for example, round and baguette diamonds). They can also feature alternating gemstones, for example, diamonds and sapphires.

sapphire and diamond eternity ring

Round-cut diamonds are the most popular shape for eternity rings. They are often given as an anniversary present, milestone gift, or as a push present. They can also be used as a wedding ring.

Eternity Ring Meaning

Eternity rings symbolize everlasting love, making them a wonderful choice for your engagement ring, wedding ring, and more.

The Pros and Cons of Eternity Band Engagement Rings

The Pros

   They're unique. Not many people have an eternity band for their engagement ring. An eternity band will stand out!

   They’re less likely to snag on things. Many engagement rings, like the one pictured below, feature raised prong-set diamonds.

prong set engagement ring side view

The sleek, streamlined design that eternity bands possess makes it harder for them to be snagged on things like hair, sweaters, towels, and more. A channel-set eternity ring is the best choice to prevent snagging and lost stones.

   They’re luxurious. Eternity rings are a coveted gift. Diamonds set in a full circle around your finger create a gorgeous, sparkling look.

   They’re gender-neutral. This modern engagement ring is perfect for both men and women.

The Cons

   They can’t be resized. The complex design of eternity rings means they can’t be resized. This makes them a risky choice for your engagement ring as many things can change your finger size, from the weather to pregnancy. You may want to consider a half eternity band as an engagement ring instead. These rings feature diamonds going halfway around the band, leaving a space of metal that allows for resizing.

Popular Eternity Ring Styles

Looking for inspiration? Here are some of the bestselling eternity ring styles.

Round Cut Eternity Rings

round-cut diamond eternity ring

Round-cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape used in jewelry since they are both classic and extremely sparkly. This also makes them the most expensive shape, so your round-cut diamond eternity ring may cost a bit more.

Shop Round Cut Diamond Eternity Rings

Emerald Cut Eternity Rings

emerald cut diamond eternity ring

While these step-cut diamonds won’t sparkle as much as other diamond shapes, they provide an elegant, Art Deco look. Perfect for someone who loves vintage glamour.

Shop Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Rings

Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Rings

princess cut diamond eternity ring

Princess-cut diamond eternity rings create a modern, streamlined look with ample sparkle. These square-shaped diamonds are another popular choice for jewelry pieces.

Shop Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Rings

Choosing a Wedding Ring to Match Your Eternity Band Engagement Ring

You may be wondering what kind of wedding ring to stack with your eternity band engagement ring. Here are some options.

Go All Out

Why not choose a second eternity ring to serve as your wedding ring? Create a fun and eclectic look by choosing a different diamond shape or choose a contrasting precious metal. You can also move your engagement ring to your right hand and wear your wedding ring on your left hand.

Keep It Simple

simple thin wedding ring

Opt for a thin, plain band to let your eternity ring stand out.

Double Up

Another option is to use your eternity band as both your engagement ring and wedding ring.

Create a Custom Design

Have something in mind that you can’t find anywhere? Contact our diamond concierge team to get started on your custom wedding ring.

Celebrities with Eternity Band Engagement Rings

​​Carolyn Bessett Kennedy

Carolyn Kennedy's diamond and sapphire engagement ring


The publicist received a sapphire and diamond eternity ring from her fiancé, John F. Kennedy Jr. The engagement ring suited her chic but minimalistic style. 

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe engagement ring


When Marilyn Monroe’s fiancé Joe DiMaggio proposed, he did so without a ring. She later wore a platinum eternity band with baguette-cut diamonds that doubled as her engagement and wedding ring.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn's rings


Hepburn’s engagement ring from her first husband was a dainty platinum eternity ring with baguette-cut diamonds.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Queen of Spain engagement ring


​This unique royal engagement ring features baguette-cut diamonds set in white gold or platinum. Here you can see it stacked with her wedding ring, a simple yellow gold band.

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