High Set vs. Low Set Engagement Rings: What's the Difference?

By Brenna Ferrentino on February 24, 2021

While shopping for an engagement ring, there are many little features one must consider: how wide (or thin) should the shank beWhite gold or platinumProng set or bezel set 

Another thing you may want to consider is whether you prefer a high set or low set engagement ring.  

 high-profile engagement ring
low-set engagement ring

A high set engagement ring (left) compared to a low set engagement ring (right)

A high set (or high profile) engagement ring will raise the diamond high off the finger, making it look like it is floating, and will create a classic engagement ring silhouette.

high-profile engagement ring

Raising a diamond can help it appear larger than it is, and ensures lots of light will enter the stone, creating more sparkle.  

2 carat yellow gold diamond engagement ring

This 2-carat diamond looks larger due to this high profile setting 

The downside to high-set rings is that your diamond will be more susceptible to knocks, and it may snag more easily on things like sweaters. Both of these things can cause damage to your ring. Because of this, this type of setting may be problematic for those with active lifestyles. High-profile engagement rings may also be difficult to wear with gloves.  

If you prefer the look of a high-set engagement ring but are worried about damage, try a cathedral setting.  

cathedral setting

 Cathedral settings feature pieces of metal that gradually rise up to secure the center stone. This adds extra structural support to the ring, and allows extra light to enter the diamond, creating more sparkle. 

Low-set (or low profile) engagement rings feature a center stone that sits closer to your finger. Some prefer the sleek look of low profile engagement rings.  

halo engagement ring

This type of setting is better suited for someone with an active lifestyle. 

A drawback to low profile engagement rings is that, depending on how low-set the diamond is, it can be difficult to find a wedding band that sits flush to your engagement ring. If you are having trouble finding a wedding band for a low-set engagement ring, try a contoured wedding band that will curve around your ring. Contoured wedding bands are an increasingly popular trend. 

rose gold curved wedding band

If you are still having trouble finding the perfect wedding ring to match your engagement ring, we would love to create a custom ring for you – contact us today. 


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