Silicone Wedding Bands: What You Need to Know

By Brenna Ferrentino on October 27, 2020

Silicone wedding rings are newer to the jewelry market and have grown in popularity. Are silicone wedding bands right for you?  

The Advantages to Silicone Wedding Bands 

They’re extremely comfortable and safe.  

For many careers involving hands-on work, such as construction or law enforcement, people opt to remove their wedding bands because they can easily be caught on things. Not only is this annoying, but it can also be dangerous. Silicone wedding bands will break on their own or can easily be cut off your finger in an emergency. Because they are lightweight and bendable, they are comfortable and ideal for those with active lifestyles. It’s incredibly rare to have a silicone allergy, so those with sensitive skin can wear them without any issues. 

Silicone rings can serve as a great stand-in wedding band for pregnant women – during pregnancy, many women report their fingers swelling, causing their rings to no longer fit. 

They’re inexpensive.  

Silicone wedding bands range from $10 - $40, making them affordable and a great choice for someone who is prone to losing their jewelry. Or, if you know you are entering a situation where you ring can be easily lost, like the beach, swap your real wedding ring out for a silicone band.   

The Disadvantages to Silicone Wedding Bands  

They can smell. 

Silicone isn’t exactly breathable – moisture can easily become trapped under your ring, creating some not-so-pleasant aromas. Luckily, this can easily be fixed by washing your ring with soap and water. Traditional wedding bands need to be cleaned, too, but not as frequently as a silicone ring will need to be. 


They’re not an heirloom item.  

The lifespan of a silicone wedding band is questionable since they are so new to the market. But since they are much softer than gold, platinum, or cobalt wedding bands, it’s safe to assume you won't be passing a silicone wedding band to your children or grandchildren.  


They’re not as ornate. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful diamond-studded wedding band, you won’t find one made with silicone as silicone cannot secure stones effectively. Silicone wedding bands tend to be on the plain side, so if you are looking for something unique and customizable, choose a traditional wedding band 

If you need a silicone wedding band for work, the gym, or to fit with your lifestyle, go for it! We recommend that you still get a traditional wedding band to wear for special events. Silicone wedding bands lack the beautiful luster that wedding rings crafted from precious metals possess.  


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