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What Is a Bridal Set?

bridal set

It’s easy to get confused with all the different types of rings involved with love and marriage. If you’re in the market for an engagement ring or wedding ring but not sure what a bridal set is, don’t worry – we're here to break it down for you. 

What Is a Bridal Set? 

A bridal set, also sometimes called a wedding set, is both your engagement ring and a matching wedding ring. Engagement rings are given during a proposal, and wedding rings are exchanged during a marriage ceremony. Your bridal set refers to both your engagement ring and wedding ring worn together. If you're popping the question, it’s not essential to propose with a bridal set.  

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Should I Buy an Engagement Ring or Bridal Set?  

Traditionally, you propose with just the engagement ring. While it’s not wrong or bad to propose with a bridal set, it’s not necessary. If the proposal is a complete surprise, we recommend letting your future spouse pick out their wedding ring to ensure that it suits their tastes.  

How to Wear a Bridal Set 

Tradition says that your wedding ring should go on your finger first so that it is closest to your heart. Your engagement ring goes on next. However, rules were made to be broken – in reality, you can wear your rings however you want.  

Why Do Some Bridal Sets Have Three Rings?  

Some bridal sets feature an engagement ring and a ring enhancer or ring guard as the wedding ring. A ring guard is two rings that are usually joined together (but not always) and wrap around your engagement ring.  

woman wearing ring guard around her engagement ring

Ring guards can prevent your ring from spinning on your finger, while also providing extra bling and sparkle to your hand.  

When you see a bridal set with three rings, you may also be seeing an anniversary ring stacked with the wearer’s wedding and engagement ring. 

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Anniversary rings are typically eternity rings but can also be other types of diamond bands. Anniversary rings aren’t usually sold together with bridal sets, instead, they are given on a milestone anniversary.

Should I Solder My Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring?  

Some people choose to solder (fuse together) their engagement ring and wedding band. While this process has some benefits – we don’t recommend it.  

The Pros of Soldering Your Rings 

  • Soldered rings are less likely to get damaged. Since they won’t be knocking into each other, soldering can reduce wear and tear on both your wedding and engagement ring.  
  • Soldered rings always align. If your bridal set has etched designs or a line of diamonds, they will always match up perfectly when they are soldered together.  
  • Soldered rings can provide a more comfortable fit. Sometimes wearing two separate rings can pinch your finger. By combining them, they can no longer pinch your skin.  

The Cons of Soldering Your Rings  

  • You can no longer wear just one or the other. Some people will remove their engagement ring to protect its valuable center stone from damage but keep on their wedding band for certain scenarios, like heavy lifting or going to sleep. When the two are soldered together, you’ll have to remove both or none at all.  

  • Unsoldering them can cause damage. While having your rings soldered is reversible, they can become damaged or destroyed when taken apart. Even if you have jewelry insurance, it’s not worth it to potentially damage such sentimental items.  




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