How To Match Your Wedding Ring To Your Engagement Ring

By A Ritani on April 29, 2020

How much are engagement rings supposed to match with your wedding band? It’s really up to you. People often love the look of an engagement ring and wedding band that are perfectly matching.

Take a look at your engagement ring. What features do you love about it the most? Does it hold a fancy-cut diamond that deserves to be noticed? Or do you appreciate the delicate milgrain and vintage detailing on its hand-carved band? Whatever its qualities, you should aim to choose a wedding band that enhances rather than distracts from these defining features.


mixed metals bridal set

There’s no strict rule that says the precious metal of your wedding band has to match your engagement ring. Using two separate metals can create a playful, eclectic look. For example, rose gold and white gold pair together beautifully. However, most people choose to use matching metals.


bridal set

Sometimes, the easiest way to match your wedding ring to your engagement ring is to look at the shank of your engagement ring. The shank of your engagement ring is the band that goes around your finger. If the shank of your engagement ring contains diamonds, choose a diamond wedding band for a seamless look. Similarly, a plain engagement ring shank will match a plain wedding ring perfectly. Or if your engagement ring features an engraved band, try to find a wedding band that matches that engraving.  

If your engagement ring features a diamond band, learn how the diamonds are set. This will help you narrow down your search for a beautiful wedding ring. Your engagement ring will look best with a diamond wedding band that features the same setting style. 

Here are the different ways diamonds can be set in a band: 


Small diamonds are set with small points of metal to create a “paved” effect.

french set diamond band


Diamonds are raised to allow light to enter the sides. The stones are secured with small beads of metal.


Clusters of even smaller diamonds set closely together to create a “paved” effect.

micropavé diamond band
channel set diamonds


Diamonds are held within a metal channel, providing the safest setting.


Another way to find a complementing wedding ring is to match the width of your engagement ring’s shank with a wedding ring of the same or a similar width. This will create a balanced look.

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