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Shape vs Cut

Shape vs. CuT – Advice from a Ritani gemologist

SHAPE refers to the form a diamond takes when viewed from the top down. Cut is a measure of the symmetry and proportion of the diamond, which affects its sparkle. They refer to two very different aspects of a diamond, although many people use the terms interchangeably. ”

Diamonds in all shapes and sizes

While round diamonds are consistently the most popular shape, it is important to reflect her unique style and tastes. Other shapes that sparkle as brilliantly as the round include the princess, oval, pear and radiant. Alternatively, a fancy shape that emphasizes clarity, such as the asscher and emerald, may appeal.

Diamonds are available in a range of sizes, to suit every budget. Many people choose diamonds around the 1 carat range, yet the quality of a diamond is determined by a variety of factors. A well-cut diamond will sparkle beautifully, regardless of its size.

Round Cut Diamonds

Round Cut Diamond

An overwhelmingly popular choice, round brilliant diamonds comprise 57% of our total diamond sales. With 58 facets cut to produce incredible sparkle, round shaped diamonds are truly timeless. The round shape is the first of the modern diamond cuts, gaining popularity in the 1920s.

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess Cut Diamond

A square cut, the princess is our second most popular style. 16% of the diamonds we sell are princess cut, due to its modern, symmetrical shape and stunning sparkle. Developed in the 1980s, it is the most popular fancy cut, particularly for engagement rings.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamond

With its large table and distinctive step cut pavilion, the emerald shape is inspired by its namesake gemstone. Cut with fewer facets than round and princess cut diamonds, the emerald cut emphasizes a diamond’s clarity, rather than its sparkle. 3% of purchased Ritani diamonds are emerald cuts.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher Cut Diamond

A variant of the emerald cut, the asscher shape is recognized for the X visible in its table. Its square shape draws comparisons with the princess cut; yet its step cut sides set it apart. 3% of Ritani diamonds sold are asscher cuts.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamond

An antique style that’s increasing in popularity, cushion cuts are reminiscent of round and oval cuts. Cut for less brilliance than the classic round, a cushion cut diamond has a soft, romantic appeal. Nearly 14% of diamonds sold by Ritani are cushion cuts.

Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval Cut Diamond

The oval diamond shape brings together the sparkle of a round brilliant, with the elongated design of a marquise. While the cut was developed in the 1960s, it has a classic feel. The length maximizes surface area, making it a smart choice for those wanting a large diamond for their budget. 2% of diamonds sold by Ritani are oval.

Marquise Cut Diamonds

Marquise Cut Diamond

A distinctive cut, the marquise has pointed ends and smooth curves. A greater size per carat weight than any other cut means that your diamond will appear larger. Its flattering design elongates the finger, while its facets produce beautiful sparkle. Less than 1% of diamonds sold by Ritani are marquise cut, making this a rare and eye-catching choice.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant Cut Diamond

The radiant cut diamond is a stunning blend of other cuts. Its cropped corners liken it to the cushion and asscher shapes, while its brilliant-cut facets are inspired by round and princess cuts. A modern shape with lots of sparkle, the radiant cut is a sophisticated choice for those who wish to stand out. 2% of our customers opt for a radiant cut diamond.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear Cut Diamond

A striking shape, the pear – or teardrop, as it is sometimes called – is a cut that can appear unique or classic, depending on its setting. With 58 facets, it is a brilliant cut that exhibits lots of sparkle. Its elongated shape lengthens the finger, making it a flattering choice for engagement rings. 2% of all Ritani diamonds sold are pear shaped.

Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Heart-Shaped Diamond

A modified brilliant cut, similar in style to the pear, the heart-shaped diamond is an ever-romantic choice. Typically cut with 59 facets, the heart silhouette is designed with extraordinary sparkle in mind. Depending on the length-to-width ratio, the cut can be narrow, wide, or in a classic heart shape.

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