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August 24, 2022

Lab-Grown Diamond Certification

loose round-cut diamonds

All Ritani lab-grown diamonds come with a grading certificate so you can be certain of their quality. Ritani’s lab-grown diamonds are graded by the world’s leading diamond laboratories such as the GIA, IGI, GCAL, Diamond Foundry, GSI, and HRD. 

GIA Lab-Grown Diamond Grading Reports 

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is considered the gold standard for diamond grading. The agency grades both natural and lab diamonds. The GIA only offers digital versions of its lab-grown diamond grading reports. 

 Here is a sample lab-grown diamond grading report: 

GIA sample lab diamond grading report

Diamond Shape and Measurements (Top Left)

In the top left of your report, you’ll find the date your diamond was graded, its shape, measurements, cutting style, and GIA report number, which is inscribed on the girdle of your diamond. 

Diamond Proportions (top right)  

The diamond’s table percentage and depth percentage are listed here. Good table and depth percentages are needed for a sparkling diamond. 

4 Cs + Additional Information (left) 

The diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are listed here. The GIA does not assign cut grades to fancy shape diamonds. 

This part of your report will tell you your diamond’s polish, symmetry, and fluorescence grades. The method in which the diamond was made is listed here.  


Diamond Clarity Plot (right) 

The location, as well as the types of inclusions, are mapped if there are any. 

Grading Scale (Bottom) 

As a reminder for you, the possible color and clarity grades for a diamond are shown here. 

QR Code (Bottom Center) 

Scan this QR code to learn more about lab-grown diamonds. 

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IGI Lab-Grown Diamond Grading Reports

The IGI (International Gemological Institute) is internationally recognized for its precise diamond grading reports. An IGI Laboratory Grown Diamond Report provides the same information as an earth-grown diamond grading report but makes it clear to the buyer that the diamond was lab-created.  

IGI lab diamond sample grading certificate

Shape and Cutting Style (left)

The shape and cutting style of the diamond is listed. 

 Diamond Clarity Plot  (right)

This diagram shows the location of the diamond’s inclusions.  

The 4 Cs  (left)

The diamond’s carat, color, clarity, and cut grade are listed here.  

Grading Chart (bottom)

This summary of the Color and Clarity grading scale helps you remember which grades are optimal. 

Diamond Measurements (left)

The diamond’s specific measurements can be found in this part of the report.  


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GCAL Lab-Grown Diamond Grading Reports 

GCAL (Gem Certification & Assurance Lab) was founded in 2001 and is located in New York City’s diamond district. These reports are unique as they include an optical brilliance analysis and an optical symmetry analysis. GCAL’s mission is to protect consumers from fraud by providing them with accurate information about their diamonds and gemstones.  

GCAL lab diamond grading report

Gemprint (left)

Gemprint is unique to GCAL grading reports. It records your diamond’s “fingerprint” to help you identify your diamond. Gemprint can help you receive insurance discounts.

The 4 Cs (center) 

Your diamond’s 4 Cs information is listed here.




Light Performance (right)   

These graphics show you how well your diamond will reflect light.    




Laser Inscription (left)

A real image of your diamond’s unique laser inscription is shown here. 

Images  (bottom center)

Real photomicrographs of your diamond are shown here. 

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HRD Lab-Grown Diamond Grading Reports 

Created in 2007, the HRD is Europe’s leading authority in diamond grading. The HRD’s headquarters is located in Antwerp, Belgium, the world’s oldest diamond hub. HRD grading reports are tamper-proof in order to prevent counterfeit documents. 

HRD grading report

Grading Scales (left)

A grading scale is provided for color, clarity, cut, proportions, polish, and symmetry. An ‘X’ indicates where your diamond stands on the scale. “LC” stands for “Loupe Clean.” 


Clarity Plot (right)

This illustration of your diamond will show where inclusions are located if any exist.

QR Code Scanner (left)

Easily access your grading report using your smartphone. 

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Diamond Foundry Grading Reports 

Diamond Foundry is a diamond production company that grows its lab-made diamonds in San Francisco. Each diamond made by Diamond Foundry comes with a Diamond Foundry certificate. This certificate includes a grading analysis conducted by a GIA Gemologist using the GIA Diamond Grading Scale.  

diamond foundry grading certificate

Certificate Number (Top Left) 

Your diamond’s unique certificate number is listed here. This number can also be found inscribed on the diamond’s girdle.  


The 4 Cs + Diamond Details (Top Center) 

All of the important information about your diamond, such as its cut, color, clarity, carat weight, proportions, and more live here.  


Certification Information (Top Right) 

Each diamond from Diamond Foundry comes with a guarantee.  

GIA Diamond Grading Scale (Left) 

The GIA’s scale for grading color, clarity, and cut is shown here.  


GIA Gemologist (Bottom Center) 

A copy of the Graduate Gemologist’s certificate who graded this diamond can be found here. 

QR Code (Bottom Right) 

The QR code allows you to easily view and verify your diamond’s certificate online.  

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GSI Lab-Grown Diamond Grading Reports  

The GSI (Gemological Science International) uses advanced technology and automation to ensure an objective, accurate report on your diamond. Their headquarters are in New York City and they have 13 labs on four continents and many different countries such as India, Dubai, Israel, and Hong Kong.  

GSI diamond report

VirtualVault Number (Left) 

VirtualVault will store your GSI certificate for life for a one-time fee of $35. Each diamond has a unique VirtualVault code. Learn more here. 


4 Cs Information (center) 

Your diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are listed here, as well as its polish, symmetry, measurements, and report number. The date your diamond was graded can be found above the report number. 


Diamond Rendering (Right) 

A rendering (not a real image) of your diamond is shown here. 

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Learn more about Lab-Grown Diamonds here:

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