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August 17, 2022

The Ultimate 1 Carat Diamond Ring Buying Guide

1 carat yellow gold diamond ring

Did you know a 1ct diamond is the most popular size for engagement rings in the US? With a 1 carat diamond, you get sparkles while sticking to your budget. It’s a great choice for young couples who want to be reasonable with their spending but also for brides who are into minimalist fashion or those with an active lifestyle who prefer to wear discrete jewelry that doesn’t get in the way.

A diamond ring is often associated with the promise of marriage, but engagements are not all that can be honored with this particular piece of jewelry. You can celebrate any achievement or important event in your life with a 1-carat diamond ring. From a milestone in your professional career to the arrival of a child or as a birthday present; diamonds are the perfect gift for just about every occasion. The truth is you don’t really need an excuse to get yourself a dazzling ring.


       All About the 4Cs of Diamond Quality

       How Much Does a 1 Carat Diamond Ring Cost?

       How to Get More For Your Budget

       1ct Diamond Solitaires And Other Ring Styles

How Big is a 1 Carat Diamond?

how big is a 1 carat diamond

1 carat round diamond weighs 0.2 grams and has a 6.5mm diameter, face up.

Carats are a weight unit, so not every 1-carat diamond is going to look the same. If a diamond is cut with a thicker girdle or a deeper pavilion, it will hold more weight in those areas, but it won’t translate to a larger size in diameter. This is why a quality cut grade is so important. For round cuts, if you want to be as close to 6.5mm as possible, we recommend looking for diamonds with a very good or ideal cut. This will translate into more harmonious proportions and ensure carat weight is well distributed. It will also ensure more sparkle.

So far, we’ve only talked about the round cut but there are others that might interest you due to their illusionist effect: Some diamond shapes can look larger than their actual carat weight. This is thanks to their elongated or pointy shape. Diamond shapes like the emerald, the marquise, or the oval are excellent cuts if you’re interested in a 1-carat diamond that looks slightly larger.

Discover Ritani's Impressive Selection of 1ct Natural Diamonds

The 4Cs of Diamonds: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carats

Diamonds need to be classified somehow by their unique attributes and characteristics. The 4Cs system describes how much a diamond weighs (Carats), the quality and symmetry of the Cut, and gives the stone a color and clarity grade.

We’ve already covered carats and mentioned the importance of a good cut, so let’s dive into the other two C’s:


Typically, is more desirable for a diamond to be colorless or near-colorless. The color scale indicates how much of a yellow tint can be observed in a diamond. Nonetheless, having color is not a bad trait. When a diamond’s color is very saturated, it is classified as a Fancy color, and this actually increases its value.

For your 1-carat diamond, we recommend near-colorless stones in the G through J range. These stones will face up as white. For step-cut diamonds like emerald-cuts or Asscher-cuts, choose a minimum color grade of H. These diamonds will reveal any yellow or brown tints more easily than other diamond cuts.


You’ve probably heard that diamonds are pure carbon, and this is correct, yet some diamonds have traces of other elements that got trapped inside during its formation in the Earth’s mantle. Geologists love these little fragments which contain clues about our planet’s early history. However, these impurities, when found in large quantities, can affect a diamond’s ability to reflect and refract light—in other words, it makes them shine less. At Ritani, you will find diamonds that go from FL (flawless), to SI2 (Slightly Included 2). Be aware of diamonds with lower clarity grades as they are likely to look cloudy, and the inclusions will be visible with the naked eye.

While some SI1 and SI2 diamonds can be eye-clean, we recommend a minimum clarity grade of VS2 or better for your 1-carat diamond, and always view HD imagery and videos of your diamond before purchasing it.  

So, How Much Is a 1 Carat Diamond Ring?

You can find 1 carat round cut natural diamonds starting at around $2,000 for a good cut, faint yellow, slightly included stone. The higher the cut, color, and clarity grades, the higher the price tag; reaching almost $20,000 for a D colorless with Flawless clarity.

Learn More about 1-Carat Diamond Pricing

Make The Most Out of Your Budget When Buying a 1ct Diamond

1. Explore Other Diamond Shapes

Round cut diamonds are more expensive than other shapes because they are in high demand. A 1 carat oval diamond, for instance, will look bigger than a 1 carat round cut, and cost less.

2. Decide Which C is More Important to You

You don’t need to have a D, Flawless diamond for it to look beautiful. Lower clarity grades don’t matter much when the inclusions are located far away from the table, as they won’t be easy to spot. As for color, if you want a gold or rose gold ring, the warmth of these metals will help mask faint yellow grades. Prioritizing your C’s will help you maximize your budget.

3. Consider Lab-Grown Diamonds

Manmade diamonds are available at, with prices that can go as low as 35% of the price of a mined diamond with the same characteristics.

4. Buy Shy

Buying a diamond just shy of 1 carat can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Look for diamonds in the 0.90-0.99 carat range. These diamonds will still appear identical in size to a 1-carat diamond but come with tremendous savings.

Find A Stunning Ring for Your 1 Carat Diamond

Classic 1 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire in Platinum

platinum solitaire engagement ring setting for a 1 carat diamond

The solitaire is a timeless style that embodies elegance and sophistication. This platinum setting shoots unexpected flashes of light on the sides thanks to the pavé diamond crisscross details.

East-to-West Halo Setting with Split Diamond Embellished Shank

east to west engagement ring

For non-traditional brides, this 14k white gold ring can be the perfect fit for a 1-carat emerald-cut diamond. The bright, shimmery diamond halo, mimics the chiseled corners of the emerald shape, adding more fire and scintillation. The band is masterfully adorned with a row of French-set diamonds that splits to connect with the halo’s corners, creating a wonderful open gallery.

1 Carat Oval Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold

oval diamond halo engagement ring

The oval-cut diamond looks even bigger in this stunning halo setting and with the embellished band, you get a lot of brilliance. This 18k white gold ring has a raised setting that will make your 1-carat oval diamond look as if it is floating on your finger.

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