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Lab-Grown Diamond Frequently Asked Questions

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Are lab-grown diamonds fake diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds - the only difference between lab-grown diamonds and earth-grown diamonds is their origin. 

Are lab-grown diamonds graded differently?

Lab-grown diamonds are graded the same as earth-grown diamonds. Each report will include details on the stone's color, clarity, cut, and carat weight

Can you insure a lab-grown diamond?

Yes, lab-grown diamonds can be insured. Lab-grown diamonds will generally cost less to insure than an earth-grown diamond as they are less valuable. We recommend insuring your valuable and sentimental pieces of jewelry in case of loss or theft. You can read more about jewelry insurance here.

Do lab-grown diamonds have resale value?

Since lab-grown diamonds are relatively new to the market, it isn't really certain whether or not they will have resale value. We recommend viewing lab-grown diamond jewelry as a gift rather than an investment. 

Do lab-grown diamonds get cloudy over time?

No - because they are chemically, physically, and optically natural diamonds, they will retain their beauty. 

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