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Tungsten Rings: What You Need to Know

tungsten wedding rings

Tungsten rings are an increasingly sought-after choice. If you're considering a tungsten wedding band, here’s what you need to know.   

What Is Tungsten?  

Tungsten is a rare, naturally occurring silvery-gray metal. In jewelry, it can be finished to be many other colors such as blackrose gold, or blue. Tungsten is the second hardest material after diamonds. It’s extremely durable, making it an especially popular choice for men’s wedding rings. Out of every other metal, tungsten boasts the highest melting point. It’s also hypoallergenic and super affordable, making it a great choice for your wedding ring.  

What is Tungsten Carbide?  

Tungsten alone is very difficult to use to create jewelry. Tungsten carbide is an alloy that combines carbon with tungsten. Adding carbon to tungsten makes it easier to mold into a ring, while also adding strength to the ring. Tungsten carbide is still hypoallergenic. 

While most tungsten rings are tungsten carbide, jewelers will often describe their rings as tungsten just to keep things simple. If you’re curious about the composition of your potential tungsten ring, contact your jeweler before making a purchase. 

Can Tungsten Rings Be Resized?  

One of the disadvantages of tungsten rings is that they cannot be resized. Since they are so hard, they are too difficult to resize. Luckily, if you purchase your tungsten wedding ring from Ritani, we will exchange it for free one time if you need a new size within the first year of purchase.  

Does Tungsten Rust?  

Tungsten rings won’t tarnish or rust. To some, this makes them a better option than white gold rings, which are similar in appearance but will need to be replated over time.  

How Strong is Tungsten?  

Tungsten is the strongest natural metal, so your tungsten ring won’t break.  

Can Tungsten Wedding Bands Be Cut Off?  

In case of emergency, tungsten wedding bands can be removed – however, they are usually cracked off rather than cut off. Even though tungsten is very strong, it’s also very brittle. 

How Much Are Tungsten Rings? 

Tungsten wedding rings are generally very affordable. A simple tungsten wedding ring will cost about $200. Below is a cost comparison of 6mm wedding rings in tantalum, 14kt white gold, and platinum. 

Men's 6mm Tungsten Wedding Ring - $190​

Men's 6mm Domed Comfort-fit Wedding Ring in 14kt White Gold - $840

It’s similar in appearance to platinum or white gold but is much budget friendlier. 

Can Tungsten Rings Be Engraved?  

Yes, tungsten rings can be engraved. Tungsten is typically engraved with a laser as this is the most effective way to engrave such a hard metal. 

How to Clean Tungsten Wedding Bands  

Fortunately, you can easily clean tungsten wedding bands with everyday household items. Just dilute a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water and scrub the ring with a toothbrush or cloth. You can pat it down with a cloth to dry it. Never clean your ring above an open drain – you don’t want to accidentally lose your ring!  

Popular Styles 

Wondering what types of tungsten wedding bands people are shopping for? These are the most-searched tungsten wedding bands.  

Black Tungsten Wedding Bands 

Men's 8mm Tungsten Wedding Ring - $190 

Black wedding bands create a bold and modern look. Black wedding rings are an incredibly sought-after choice for men.  

Tungsten Diamond Wedding Bands 

Men's 8mm Tungsten Diamond Wedding Ring - $225 

Diamonds don’t just belong in gold or platinum – they can be set in tungsten as well. Of course, a tungsten diamond wedding band will cost a little bit more than a simple tungsten wedding band.  

Rose Gold Tungsten Wedding Bands  

Men's 6mm Rose Gold Tungsten Wedding Ring - $190 

This unique, warm hue is a stylish choice for your wedding band. If you’re looking for a wedding band that will stand out from the rest, a rose gold colored one is a great choice.  


Ready to find the perfect tungsten wedding band?  

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