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April 26, 2022

What is Fire in Diamonds?

marquise cut diamond with lots of fire

Fire is the rainbow-colored sparkle that you see in a diamond. It’s very beautiful and desirable in a stone. Diamonds are among the gemstones with the most fire. The quality of a diamond’s cut will heavily influence how much fire it will have.  

Fire vs Dispersion 

Most think that fire is the same as dispersion, but it’s not. Dispersion is what happens when white light enters a gemstone and then scatters it into rainbow-colored light. Fire is our perception of dispersion.  

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Fire vs Brilliance

brilliance vs fire

Brilliance is how bright and white a diamond is. A diamond with great brilliance will exhibit great light return. Fire, on the other hand, is simply the colorful light a diamond gives off. A diamond’s cut directly impacts how much brilliance and fire a diamond will have.  

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Diamonds With the Most Fire  

If you are looking for a diamond with the most fire, choose a round-cut diamond. Round-cut diamonds are also known to be the most brilliant and the most sparkly.  

If you prefer a different diamond shape, don’t fret – other fancy shapes such as the cushion-cut, princess-cut, and oval-cut are still full of fire. Step-cut diamonds can possess fire, too, but not as much as brilliant-cut diamonds. The trick to getting a diamond with great fire is to choose one with an exceptional cut grade. At Ritani, the best cut grade for round-cut diamonds is an Ideal cut, while the best cut grade for fancy shapes is a Very Good cut. Be sure to select a diamond with excellent polish and excellent symmetry. 

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