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17 Winter Proposal Ideas To Warm Your Heart


Winter has always been the most romantic season. Maybe it’s the snowflakes, or the fireplaces, or how they look in a sweater. Combine that with the holidays, and you have the perfect environment to make memories that’ll last the rest of your lives.
So how will you make this December special? Whether you plan to spend the holidays curled up at home, on vacation somewhere special, or celebrating with your family or theirs, there’s endless opportunity to propose.

You’ve already made the biggest, most important decision—this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now let us help you with the rest. Below are a few winter proposal ideas sure to provide a beautiful memory, and the beginning of something unforgettable.

1. You. Them. A bottle of wine. A delicious meal.

glasses of wine

It doesn’t matter if you take them to their favorite restaurant or show off your culinary skills in the comfort of your home. The point is: this proposal is about you and them, and no one else.

2. Hide it in plain sight.

Use a special holiday ornament on your tree or the Hanukkah candle box to hide the ring. Ask them for a kiss under the Mistletoe, and then say something to pique their interest about what’s inside that Reindeer ornament or inconspicuous box of candles.

3. Call in the carolers.

Christmas carolers

Photo: Digital Vision/

Why? Because they’re charming and corny and undeniably cute. This is the one time of year where carolers are in season, so why not take advantage? Find yourself a merry crew, or enlist a group of friends to sing along as you get down on one knee.

4. Sock it to them.

Christmas stockings

There’s nothing as classic as stockings hung over the fireplace. Make Santa proud and put the ring in their Christmas stocking. Then let tradition take care of the rest.

5. Horse around.

horse-drawn carriage

Whether you’re in NYC’s Central Park, visiting their hometown, or someplace special to you both, a romantic carriage ride through the city is a reliably magical and memorable experience. Sound too cliché? There’s a reason for that. It works.

6. Write your proposal in the snow.

will you marry me written in the snow

Using rose petals, candles, or holiday lights is a sweet and memorable way to ask for someone’s hand. Added bonus that it’s completely Instagram-worthy too.

7. Make it part of your other holiday activities.

kissing under the mistletoe

Photo: BRIT + CO

Bring it back to basics and get down on one knee while you’re decorating the Christmas tree together. Or on Christmas morning, before you open your gifts. We guarantee this’ll keep the two of you cozy and joyful at home all day long.

8. Make a toast.

Engagement ring hidden in champagne glass

Photo: Pumpkin Coach Events

Here’s one all the women at Ritani agree on. Bring them a glass of champagne with the ring tied to it with a silk ribbon. It’s simple, elegant, and keeps the focus on them.

9. Show your love with latte art.

If you’ve already talked about the ring, chances are they have thoughts on what it should look like. When you’re ready, take them holiday shopping and let them pick out the ring of her dreams.

11. Plan a party.

holiday party

You know them well enough to know if they like surprises. If they do, this one’s for you. All of you. Invite your friends and family and plan a surprise proposal party. As they say, the more the merrier.

Another fun, festive option is to host an ugly sweater party. Create an ugly sweater that says “Will You Merry Me,” or wear a shirt underneath your ugly sweater with your proposal message that can be revealed later. It will be a party to remember.

12. Get them with a getaway.

couple on vacation

Take a trip and propose while abroad. You’ll always have the place where you met, and the place where you live. Make the place where you get engaged somewhere spectacular.

13. Countdown to love.


Ring in the new year with a ring! Wait for the New Year’s Eve countdown. When the ball drops, get down on one knee and start your year with a Yes.

14. Take it to the studio.

photo studio

A holiday photoshoot proposal will capture their joyful surprise, and leave you with a truly exceptional photo that documents the start of your new life together.

15. Make it picture perfect.

Go to one of your favorite places, somewhere that has personal significance to you both. Once you’re there, ask someone to take a picture of you. When they do, drop down on one knee.

16. 30 Rock their world.

Ice skating

Source: Massimiliano Silipigni/Flickr

If you’re confident on your feet, consider proposing at an ice skating rink like the one at New York’s Rockefeller Center. This sentimental public gesture won’t leave a dry eye in the house.

17. Put your love in the air.

"Marry me" written in the sky

Source: Refinery29

Pick a clear day, and hire a skywriter to spell out your proposal overhead.


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