What Is A Trellis Engagement Ring?

By A Ritani on May 07, 2020

Trellis engagement rings are a very popular style of prong setting. Four interweaving prongs are shaped to hold the center diamond, crossing over each other in a classically secure silhouette.

A trellis ring setting can be simple and plain, an unadorned precious metal shaped to hold the diamond. Other trellis styles can be decorated with smaller diamonds or ornate filigree that brings a distinctive vintage effect.

trellis engagement ring 

Versatile and timeless, trellis engagement rings are suitable for pairing with any diamond shape or colorful gemstone. From enduring platinum to romantic rose gold, your choice of precious metal will work beautifully with this sought after setting.

Arguably, the true appeal of a trellis engagement ring setting, aside from its ability to secure your diamond for generations to come, is that it brings a stylish charm to the sides of your ring. While as the wearer, you might not see the ring’s sides very often, other people will. The trellis detailing offers more angles for the metal to reflect its shine, while allowing the diamond’s pavilion to be visible and exhibit its brilliance.

Trellis engagement ring

Trellis engagement rings can be set with multiple stones, for a dazzlingly intricate style. This five-stone trellis engagement ring stretches across the finger, the center stone adorned either side with two smaller round brilliant diamonds.

5 stone trellis engagement ring

Tapered trellis engagement rings have bands that gradually become slimmer or wider as they reach the center stone. This technique draws the eye to your diamond, emphasizing its unique sparkle and expertly cut facets.

tapered engagement ring

A slim tapering at the middle of the setting can give the illusion that your diamond is larger than it actually is. With elongated shapes, such as the oval, emerald and radiant diamond cuts, these tapered settings can be particularly flattering.

oval trellis ring

Do you adore the classic styling of trellis engagement rings? Learn more about different engagement ring settings, or find your dream diamond ring.


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