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1 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond

A 1 carat Asscher cut diamond is a distinctive choice for an engagement ring. For help selecting a 1 carat Asscher cut diamond, contact our Diamond Concierge team via chat or call us at 1-888-9RITANI. You can also request a free Virtual Gemologist appointment to get an in-depth analysis of your Asscher cut diamond.


1 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond

A striking shape, the Asscher cut’s table and step-cut facets are designed to emphasize its clarity. If you are seeking a sparkly diamond, an Asscher cut diamond probably isn’t for you. These diamonds feature subtle flashes of light rather than sparkle. However, you can add a classic diamond band setting or halo setting to an Asscher cut engagement ring to create more sparkle.
Often, customers who want to maximize the beauty of their diamond will choose a higher clarity grade in lieu of a large carat size. A higher clarity grade is important for an Asscher cut diamond because Asscher cut diamonds are more likely to show inclusions. If you would like to make your 1 carat Asscher cut diamond appear larger, opt for a halo setting.
1 carat Asscher cut diamonds also work exceptionally well in custom jewelry, such as stud earrings and solitaire pendants. All natural Ritani diamonds are certified by either the AGS or GIA – the two most respected independent grading labs in the world. Make sure to view HD images of your Asscher cut diamond before making a purchase. 

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