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Education & Guidance

Find expert guidance on diamonds and jewelry. Learn the 4Cs of diamonds, how to buy an engagement ring, and what factors determine the price of a ring. From precious metals to jewelry gift ideas, we give you the tools you need to make the right choice.


How to Buy an Engagement Ring

See how to select the perfect ring for your beloved. Learn the difference between a solitaire and a halo style, as well as how to decide on a budget.


The 4Cs of Diamonds

Everything you need to know about cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Each affects the value and brilliance of your diamond; see how to find the perfect balance.


Advanced Diamond Education

From girdle to culet, go deeper into diamond education and become an expert. Each of these chapters focuses on a different attribute, so that you can make an informed and confident choice.


The Science of Sparkle

From mine to finger, discover how diamonds are made to sparkle. We have exceptional standards for brilliance, selecting only the finest rough to cut.


How to Buy a Wedding Ring

From men’s wedding bands to diamond eternity rings, we provide expert guidance on choosing the perfect jewelry. Each metal and style is unique; select the right one for you.


Gift Buying Guide

Find the help you need to choose the perfect jewelry gift. From setting a budget to considering the occasion, you can make the right selection for her.


Precious Metal Guide

See the differences between platinum, gold, palladium and cobalt. Learn which metals are hypoallergenic and which make the perfect choice for an engagement ring.


Learn About Gemstones

From the natural fire of ruby and garnet, to the elegant sophistication of pearl and opal. Explore our gemstone chapters to learn the rich history and graded qualities of each gemstone.


Learn About Pearls

Pearls are naturally iridescent gemstones, composed primarily of calcium carbonate. Explore our chapters on pearls to learn how pearls are graded and the different varieties are classified.


Lifecycle of a Diamond Infographic

Discover how a diamond takes its journey, from mine to finger. Each diamond has a unique story, and yet they are a universal symbol of love. Learn about everything from the science of their formation to ethical sourcing.

Ritani's Virtual Gemologist: Choosing the Right Diamond

Free expert guidance from noncommissioned gemologists helps you see the extraordinary detail of your diamonds.

A Real Expert in Real Time

We exclusively offer a better way to buy your diamond. A free consultation with one of our trained gemologists will help you see the true differences between the diamonds you are considering. Choose up to 4 loose diamonds for side by side comparison.

In-Depth Analysis

Go beyond the diamond’s grade, by viewing HD video imagery with magnification. Access exclusive reports and receive expert analysis. Ritani gemologists do not work on commission, so that you can be confident in their judgment. Sign up for a free consultation today.

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