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3 Carat Diamond Ring: The essential Buying Guide

Browsing for a 3 carat diamond ring can be difficult. With so many options and such small details, it's hard to find the right one. Consider saving this guide as your favorite bookmark because we have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about which ring is perfect for you! From cut diamonds with various prices, shapes, quality levels, and more-we've got everything covered! Plus, with years of experience looking at thousands upon thousands of rings, our experts will help match up just what your heart desires (and budget) while also making sure that every purchase made meets our high standards of customer service.


A 3-carat diamond is a beautiful weight for an engagement ring. Carats are not the only factor to consider when buying diamonds, but it's one of four factors that make up "The Four Cs" because they all measure different aspects in determining quality and value - carat being the most popular. One carat weighs around 200mg, so three would be 600mg total!


A 3 carat diamond can cost anywhere from $19,000 to $100,000. We know, this is a big price range - but the cost of a diamond varies greatly depending on the quality of the stone. However, if you have your heart set on a 3-carat diamond, you may want to consider a lab-grown diamond, which can cost up to 30% less than earth-grown diamonds. 

3.01 carat oval diamond ring -$20,387

3.01 carat oval diamond ring

This 3.01-carat diamond engagement ring features a simple yellow gold band that lets the center stone stand out. The unique engraved detailing can be seen from the sides of the ring. 

French-set Halo Diamond Band Engagement Ring-$27,449.00

French-set Halo Diamond Band Engagement Ring

This halo setting is a best seller at Ritani. Halos line tiny diamonds around your center stone, making the diamond appear larger as well as adding more sparkle. This timeless ring is perfect for someone who wants a little bit of bling. 


3-carat diamonds are far more expensive than 1-carats, but they're not always the best choice. The surface area is just under double the size of a gem that weighs one carat, and it's also 10x as expensive.

Round cut's appearance often looks small because their shape doesn't have as large of a surface area compared to other shapes like oval or emerald cut rings making them appear larger even though they weigh less in reality (1/10th). You might want to consider something else if you find yourself looking for something bigger without paying an arm and a leg! 

There's a reason why diamonds are usually measured in carats, not millimeters. According to one study by the Gemological Institute of America, the shape and cut of your diamond can affect how big it looks on you when worn as an engagement ring. Round/Asscher cuts tend to look smaller than elongated shapes like oval, marquise, pear (or even emerald). They're more likely to be set with less metal around them for tension purposes. This makes their edges farther apart from each other so that there is a more significantly perceived gap between where light enters the stone vs. what leaves it, which gives off a sense that these stones appear larger overall compared to rounder gemstones such as kite-shaped ones.



The first C has already been discussed, and that is the carat weight. As previously outlined, the carat is the preferred weight of measurement for diamonds and other precious gemstones, and it simply refers to the weight of the stone, in this case, a full 3 carats. However, if you want to save money on your 3-carat diamond, we recommend buying shy of 3-carats - so for example, 2.9 carats - which will still appear the same size as a 3-carat diamond but will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

 3 Carat Diamond Ring Cut

The raw diamonds that come out of the ground bear little resemblance to the stunning rocks that will soon be adorning your significant other's finger. Skilled jewelers can vastly increase the value of the raw stone with a stunning cut, which is important for a sparkling and brilliant diamond. Always choose the best cut grade possible for your diamond - for round-cut diamonds, that’s an Ideal cut, and for fancy shapes (any diamond that is not a round-cut) that’s a Very Good cut.

3 Carat Diamond Clarity

Larger diamond facets make it easier to spot flaws, so you should always be careful when purchasing them.  We recommend a minimum clarity grade of VS2 or better for a 3-carat diamond. Always request HD imagery and videos of the diamond if they are not available so you can see how obvious (or hidden) the stone’s inclusions are. For emeralds and Asscher cuts - which have open table designs where every flaw can easily be seen by anyone looking at these stones - we don't recommend going below VS1 because their large, open facets make any inclusions very apparent.

3 Carat Diamond Color

Some love the icy-white appearance of a colorless diamond (a stone with a D, E, or F color grade, while others shy away from them as they are so white they appear fake. Colorless stones are gorgeous, but since they are very rare they are much more expensive than near-colorless diamonds.  For a stone that faces up as white, we recommend going with a quality grade of H or higher. Near-colorless diamonds can help you save hundreds of dollars in the long run.. If your preference is warmer tones or if you plan on setting the stone in yellow gold or rose gold then J and K-colored diamonds will work well for this purpose because their warm undertones will appear colorless with these metals (and cost less).


To get a great deal on your 3-carat diamond, shop online. We know that you won't find many in local stores because they are rare and precious jewels. If the 3 carat diamond engagement ring is not within your budget and doesn't meet your specifications, then it may take some time before your local jewelers come along with all of these features at a price that works for you. But don't worry; there will be plenty more options waiting when we go shopping online to choose from an infinite number of choices so easily.

Engagement Ring Insurance

Since a 3-carat diamond ring is an expensive purchase, you should consider protecting your ring by insuring it. Engagement ring insurance typically costs 1-2% of the ring each year. Insurance will cover your ring in the event of accidental loss, mysterious disappearance, and more. You can learn more about jewelry insurance here.


Is 3 carats too big for an engagement ring?

If you are sure that your partner does not actively long for a smaller stone, then a three-carat diamond is perfect. It will look large and brilliant on their hand – once you put it there and pop the question! Do be aware, though, that weight rather than cut determines the size of diamonds, as deeper cuts have smaller faces, so broader shallow cuts can appear to be twice as big, but they're just more spread out in terms of area, which means less light reflects off them.

How much is a 3.5 carat diamond ring worth?

 Diamonds with higher weights are rarer than diamonds that weigh less which means you should be careful about what type you purchase (and if your budget can support it). For instance, 3 ½-carats diamond rings will usually set someone back anywhere from $24000-$110 000+, depending on its cut quality – some even go as high as $165,000.


3 carat diamonds are a great way to make an impact when you propose, but they can be pricey. However, it may not need to cost as much as one might think. With free shipping and multiple locations within the US, we provide the opportunity for customers to shop online for their perfect ring! If you would like help picking out your own engagement ring or other types of diamond jewelry that is just right for you, contact our expert gemologists today by phone or email. We’ll work with you on finding the best value so that your purchase will last long into the future for generations to come.