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August 17, 2022

F Color Diamonds: The Ultimate Buying Guide

f color round cut diamond

Looking to buy a diamond? There are many different diamond color grades to choose from. Keep reading to learn more about F-color diamonds.

The Basics Of The 4 Cs

Diamonds are complex gemstones. There are multiple factors and features to observe and study before determining the stone’s value and quality. The particular combination of different characteristics makes each diamond—Earth-Grown and Lab-Grown—unique. 

Color is one out of four other main characteristics that laboratories and gemologists analyze. These quality features are known as the 4 Cs. Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight is part of this universal grading system.

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The Diamond Color Scale

diamond color scale

Diamonds are pure carbon, but the vast majority of them contain trace elements. This is a result of a normal formation process that took place for millennia under the Earth’s crust. Diamonds came in contact with multiple possible elements, such as nitrogen or Boron. This is actually the main reason why some diamonds display Fancy Colors.

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Did you know most diamonds have hints of yellow? The saturation of this hue is typically low. In some cases, a light yellowish tone can be seen with the naked eye. 

The standard diamond color scale measures how visible this yellow hue is. But there is a select group of three color grades that appear completely transparent and lack color: Colorless diamonds.

What Are F Color Diamonds?

The Colorless group consists of the grades D, E, and F. A D-graded diamond lacks any color; it is entirely colorless even when observed under the microscope. E grades are still rare and look transparent. Their extremely low color can only be distinguished with specialized tools. F color diamonds also appear Colorless. In fact, the slight presence of yellow in both E and F color grades can only be seen under bright laboratory lights with high magnification.

Buying An F Color Diamond

Is Buying An F Colorless Diamond A Good Idea?

Yes and no. F-color diamonds are beautiful and are still part of the privileged, sought-after Colorless group. This means F Colorless diamonds are still highly valued because of their rarity and optical characteristics. However, most shoppers choose near-colorless stones over colorless stones because near-colorless diamonds will face up as white and are a fraction of the cost. But if you have the budget for an F-color diamond, they are a stunning choice!

Diamond Shapes For F Graded Diamonds

Truth is, you can select your favorite diamond cut. You will find a wide variety to choose from in our inventory. However, some diamond shapes can pose a couple of arguments in favor.

On the one hand, Brilliant cut shapes such as the Round, Pear, Marquise, and Cushion, maximize your stone’s brilliance potential. And on the other, cuts with less demand, like the Emerald or Heart, offer lower prices.

Step cuts like the Asscher and Emerald feature a large top facet that creates a sort of window into the diamond. These cuts have less brilliance but allow us to appreciate the diamond’s lack of color without so many flashes. Step cuts might be your best bet if you’re into a more understated look.

Keep in mind that the Round Brilliant and the Princess cut are the most popular diamond shapes. They have held these positions for decades and are likely to stay at the top. This means the Round and Princess shapes will appreciate a little more than other cuts simply because of the high demand.

F Color Diamond Jewelry Design Tips

As with other Colorless grades, F-color diamonds are typically paired with white metals. platinum and white gold will complement the stone’s clear, transparent shimmer and even accentuate it. Yellow and rose gold isn't recommended for colorless diamonds since the diamond will reflect the warmer colors surrounding it.

With Colorless diamonds, you probably want the highest amount of light possible to enter the stone and cause brilliant sparkles. To make sure your F color diamond shines its best, opt for 4-prong settings or raised settings. These design styles don’t cover too much of the stone’s pavilion and allow more light to enter.

Buying An F Color Engagement Ring

yellow gold engagement ring with platinum prongs

A great trick to pairing an F-color diamond with yellow gold is to select a ring style that features a white metal head. The white prongs will blend in with your F diamond’s color and minimize any yellow reflections from the gold band.

Add more sparkles with a diamond embellished band, like our Micropavé Diamond Band Engagement Ring With Milgrain Finish. The tiny diamonds in the band are so small you won’t notice any color difference. Plus, the shiny, milgrain spheres add even more luster.

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Pros Of Getting An F Color Earth-Grown Diamond

F graded, earth-grown diamonds will appreciate more or faster than other earth-grown diamonds with lower color grades. You are probably not thinking of selling your precious diamond or engagement ring any time soon. But it’s always interesting to know that earth-grown diamonds have better resale value than their manmade counterparts.

Invest In An F Color Earth-Grown Diamond

Benefits Of Buying An F Color Lab-Grown Diamond

If you love the look of an F-color diamond but it's out of your price range, lab-grown diamonds are a great alternative. Lab diamonds can cost up to 50% less than an earth-grown diamond, allowing you to get a beautiful diamond for a fraction of the cost. 

Discover Our F Colorless Lab-Grown Diamond Inventory

FAQs About F-color Diamonds

Are F Color Diamonds Expensive?

Since F-color diamonds are rarer and desirable, they are usually more expensive. However, color grades are not the single determining factor for value. If an F-color diamond also has high clarity and cut grades, it will demand a higher price. Higher carat weight will also drive prices up. A way to make the most out of your budget is to use our filter options and select lower grades on the features that aren’t a priority for you.

Currently, 0.50 ct, F, Round diamonds at cost anywhere between $853 and $3,053.

Are F Diamonds Colorless?

Yes! F graded diamonds are part of the Colorless category in the Diamond Color Scale. Their minimal color presence can only be seen under controlled light and magnification conditions in a specialized laboratory.

Why Buy An F Color Diamond?

Looking for a clear, white stone but don’t want to go all the way to paying a D-color diamond’s premium price tag? Then an F-color diamond is an outstanding option.

Get Your F Color Diamond At Ritani

At Ritani, we have designed multiple tools to help you find your dream diamond from the comfort of your home.

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3 Reasons To Get Your F Color Diamond At

1. When going through our incredible online database, you will find Best Value options. These diamonds are highlighted by our algorithm after analyzing your own filtered preferences.

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2. Looking for something unique? No problem! At Ritani, we can design your own custom engagement ring with the F-color diamond of your choice. Contact us for more information.

3. Both our earth-grown and lab-grown F-color diamonds come with a laboratory report.

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