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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

diamond tennis bracelet

Thanks to their incredible versatility, tennis bracelets have become an essential piece amongst jewelry lovers. Selecting a jewel you can wear often is a wise choice; after all, it’s gotta be worth the investment. This bracelet will become your new staple; it is super comfortable to wear and fits any lifestyle.

If you’re after a diamond tennis bracelet but have no idea where to start and what to look for, this guide was made for you. 

Everything You Need To Know About Tennis Bracelets 

  • Tennis Bracelets 101: What are they, and why are they called that?
  • Modern Design Variations
  • Style Tips: How to Wear a Tennis Bracelet
  • Spice It Up With Colored Gemstones
  • FAQ

Bracelets in this particular category can be customized to your taste; they can be minimal and understated or bold and dramatic. Learn all about this classic jewelry piece, and learn all the tricks to find a stunning piece within your budget.

Tennis Bracelets: The Basics

What is a tennis bracelet?

The name ‘Tennis Bracelet’ refers to a very specific kind of wrist accessory. The design has to be composed of a flexible, continuous row of diamonds with matching attributes arranged in a uniform manner. What really sets this class apart is the flexible feature. Suppose a diamond bracelet is rigid, semi-rigid, or doesn’t feature gems arranged in a repetitive pattern. In that case, it doesn’t really fit into the ‘tennis’ category.

diamond tennis bracelet infographic

To recap, a tennis bracelet must:

  • ✓ Have flexible links

  • ✓ Be composed of matching gems (of at least the same cut and carat weight.)

  • ✓ Use the same setting consistently

​Explore our Collection of Tennis Bracelets

Why is it called a tennis bracelet?

diamond tennis bracelet on marble surface

Tennis bracelets were originally known as eternity bracelets. The word ‘eternity’ is used to describe circular jewelry featuring a seemingly ‘endless’ succession of diamonds or gemstones. You might already be familiar with this term since it is still used to describe wedding rings or anniversary bands that are fully embellished with diamonds.

The diamond eternity bracelet has been around for a very long time, with records of it becoming particularly popular during the 1920s and 1930s. It was probably conceived during this period, too, since sleek, clean lines, geometry, and harmonious forms were all aesthetic values aligned with the Art Deco movement.

It wasn’t until the late 1970s that the term ‘tennis bracelet’ was coined and later popularized. The fashion scene was changing, and diamond jewelry was no longer seen as reserved only for black tie or formal events. Women started wearing their diamonds in a much more casual, relaxed way.

woman wearing diamond tennis bracelet and diamond ring

Fashion and luxury codes were shifting, but competing in professional sports wearing diamonds was still something unusual—and probably seen as extravagant by many. But this didn’t stop American tennis player Chris Evert from singlehandedly starting a new trend. During a 1978 US Open match, her bracelet fell onto the court, and the game had to be stopped while she looked for it. When asked about the bizarre incident, she casually replied: “Oh, that was my tennis bracelet.” And just like that, the style was renamed. From that moment on, the tennis bracelet became one of the most sought-after diamond accessories. And its popularity has yet to see a decline.

Chris Evert playing tennis
Bob Thomas/Getty Images 

During her successful career, Chris Evert won numerous titles, including being the world’s No. 1 tennis player for five years. A truly inspiring legacy. However, her contribution to the jewelry lexicon is also brilliant.

Are Tennis Bracelets Unisex?

guy wearing tennis bracelet

​Absolutely! It doesn’t matter how you identify. Tennis bracelets are pretty much genderless. What makes a men’s tennis bracelet ‘manly’ is only the size of the diamonds. If you want a more masculine vibe, just opt for larger diamonds to create a bulkier look. That being said, cis or non-binary, everybody is allowed to wear their tennis bracelet as desired.

Modern Tennis Bracelets: New Versions of a Classic

The classic tennis bracelet design is made of identical links with round brilliant cut diamonds, set in a four-prong basket setting, and fabricated in white gold or platinum. White metals blend in with the colorless diamonds, making them appear larger.

Today, the traditional form has gone through numerous iterations, with many different and creative versions. At Ritani, you will find a tennis bracelet to fit your personal style and preferences.

Here are all the different design elements that can vary in a tennis bracelet:

Carat Weight

There are no rules as to what the ‘ideal’ size of a women’s tennis bracelet should be. Your new bracelet can be as dainty or as bold as you like. Select a smaller carat total weight, and you’ll get a minimalist version. Pick a higher carat total weight to create a bold, lavish piece.

10 ctw diamond tennis bracelet

Diamond Shape

Flexible links are probably the most essential characteristic of tennis bracelets. As long as the piece can conform to the anatomy of your wrist, any diamond shape can be used. 

diamond shapes

The round brilliant is the most popular cut in almost every jewelry category, and this is no different for women’s tennis bracelets. However, your own personal taste is all that really matters. You can customize your bracelet to make it with your favorite shape, from square-shaped princess cut diamonds to soft oval cuts.

The jaw-dropping bracelet below consists of an undulating row of IGI-certified lab pear-cut diamonds set in 14kt white gold. An exceptional illustration of Ritani’s craftsmanship.

11 ctw pear east to west lab diamond tennis bracelet

You can also have fun and request alternating shapes to give it an original touch and add dimension.

At Ritani, you will already find an excellent example of a mixed-shape tennis bracelet. The stunning piece above is made of round brilliants, and East-West set baguettes—a beautiful yellow gold tennis bracelet that will bring you many compliments! We love the Art Deco-inspired style and elegant yet delicate contrast between each link.

Metal Color

As you probably already guessed, there is also no rule establishing what the color of a women’s tennis bracelet should be. It all comes down to personal preference. A great starting point is to look at your current jewelry collection and see if you notice a majority of yellow or white gold pieces. Diamond tennis bracelets are perfect for layering, so buying one made with the metal you already have a preference for is a good idea. This will make it easier to style and combine with your other pieces.

Another tip is to analyze your skin tone and other features to identify if you have warm or cool undertones. Yellow gold looks excellent against warmer skin tones, and white gold compliments the cooler ones. But this is just a general reference point.

Type of Setting

There are two main different kinds of settings you will find in tennis bracelets: prong settings or bezel settings.

prong vs bezel tennis bracelet

Prong settings are typically made of two or more delicate metal spikes that hold each diamond in place. They often have rounded tops but can also be filled with a pointy, modern claw. Variations in their placement can also create an entirely different aesthetic. 

Take the example above; this gorgeous 14kt white gold tennis bracelet features a 3-prong setting that gives the round cut diamonds a distinct, almost triangular look.

​Bezel settings, on the other hand, have no prongs at all. The diamonds are set into the metal and held by an almost imperceptible metal rim. Bezel settings have a softer look and tend to be more durable than prongs. If you prefer a sleek, modern feel and tightly secure your diamonds, then a bezel setting is your best bet.

From jeans with a crisp white t-shirt to a cocktail dress, we’ve seen tennis bracelets paired with all kinds of fashion. That’s the appeal of a timeless design.

Learn more: Claw vs. Round, Which Type of Prong Is Better?

Style Tips: How To Wear A Tennis Bracelet

Is There a Tennis Bracelet Dress Code?

Not really. Wearing a tennis bracelet with the most casual and relaxed outfit is completely acceptable. You can also wear yours to formal events in a more classical luxurious way. The only factor that can restrict when to wear a tennis bracelet or not is your own lifestyle. It might not be the best idea to wear your diamonds while performing extreme or intense activities, which could pose a high risk of damaging or losing them.

How to Style A Men’s Tennis Bracelet

Men’s tennis bracelets kind of follows watch etiquette. Ideally, you’d want to wear your diamond bracelet on your non-dominant hand. This common fashion advice reduces the chances of your jewelry getting scratched. Following this general rule will also make it more comfortable to wear since it won’t get in the way of your daily activities.

​Wear Your Tennis Bracelet With a Watch

Pairing up your tennis bracelet with a watch will make it extra chic and create an even more polished look. You can match metal colors or add contrast with yellow or rose gold. Generally, you’d put on your watch first and then your tennis bracelet. This is just to use the watch as a stopper, prevent your bracelet from sliding too far away, and maintain a layered look.

Stack Them Up!

Dare to create your own collection of diamond eternity bracelets. You can purchase the same style many times to create the illusion of a thicker bracelet or mix different types to construct an eclectic look full of dimension and texture.

Don’t be afraid of pairing up a white gold tennis bracelet with rose or yellow gold.

Layering Tennis Bracelets With Other Jewelry Pieces

You can definitely combine your eternity bracelet with any other fine jewelry items. 

Matching the center stone of your engagement ring is a cute way of making your jewelry look like a set.

Layering bracelets have always been cool. Combine bangles, charm bracelets, dainty chains, or even fashion jewelry. The rich layout of varying metals, shapes, and sizes will transform your everyday outfits and elevate them to new heights.

Make It Colorful With Other Gemstones

Ruby, sapphire, and emerald are fine jewelry’s most popular colored gemstones. In recent years, sapphire and emerald engagement rings have become less uncommon, and interest in colored gem jewelry isn’t slowing down.

In the bracelet category, the same it’s true. And an emerald tennis bracelet it’s a possibility you might not have considered before. Still, one you’ll fall in love with. 

After all, the single defining feature that makes a bracelet a ‘tennis’ it’s the articulated links. This means that diamonds aren’t the only gemstone that can be used.

​Imagine a spectacular continuous row of fiery red rubies against the warmth of yellow gold. Or ocean blue sapphires set in white, yellow gold. Dare to add a pop of color and personalize your tennis bracelet with your favorite gemstone. You can also select meaningful birthstones to add meaning to your bracelet.

You don’t even have to settle for just one or two colors. Rainbow tennis bracelets are in high demand as well. Ombré gradations are also a dazzling combination.

The Most Common Questions About Tennis Bracelets

How Much Do Tennis Bracelets Cost?

There is no single way to answer this question, and the price range is too wide to define a standard average. The main component of a tennis bracelet is diamonds, with the only metal pieces being the settings and the clasp.

Cost is driven by the 4Cs of diamonds: color, cut, clarity, and carats. The better qualities every diamond has, the more expensive the piece. In general, expect to spend at least $2,000 on a tennis bracelet.

Why Are Tennis Bracelets Expensive?

Ideally, when purchasing a diamond eternity bracelet, you are looking for perfectly matched diamonds with only very slightly in carat weight, color, and clarity. Matching all those diamonds is no easy task; it takes time and careful examination to select them and determine the order in which they will be set to ensure the most harmonious, consistent look.

There’s also the articulated aspect. Much craftsmanship goes into the fabrication of all the tiny components to make every link flexible and achieve that fluid feel.

Technical aspect aside, colorless diamonds are the most desired for tennis bracelets. The less color a diamond has, the more expensive it gets.

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds A Good Alternative For Tennis Bracelets?

If your eyes are set on a particular design that is out of your budget, you might want to consider switching to lab diamonds. They offer the exact same qualities as natural diamonds and can dramatically reduce the cost of a tennis bracelet.

Looking for a lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet? Learn more about Lab Diamonds.

Is a Tennis Bracelet A Good Gift?

Yes, a tennis bracelet is an excellent present idea to mark a special occasion. They are popular anniversary gifts, but any milestone can be celebrated with such an extraordinary present.

Tennis bracelets are unisex, so they are also a safe genderless choice for when you are not sure about the recipient’s fashion style.

Interested in Men’s Diamond Jewelry? Check out our Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands.

Are Tennis Bracelets Going Out of Style?

Since they were first called eternity bracelets back in the 1920s, tennis bracelets have been in. They have become a classic, and they are a design that simply won’t age.

How to Care For A Tennis Bracelet?

Due to the intricate but hidden components that constitute the articulated, flexible links, cleaning a tennis bracelet can be tricky. Dust and other particles can accumulate in the back nooks and crannies, making your diamonds sparkle less. 

To clean your tennis bracelet at home, we recommend gently washing it in warm soapy water. To be on the safe side, avoid any chemical metal or jewelry cleaners.

Contact us to arrange a professional cleaning and prong inspection. We will make sure your tennis bracelet stays in excellent condition.

What Is The Right Fit For a Tennis Bracelet?

By design, eternity bracelets have a loose, comfy fit that adapts to the shape of your wrist. It is normal if it slides up and down a little bit, but it shouldn’t come off without opening the clasp. 

Typically, tennis bracelets are 7 inches long. If you are unsure whether the standard size of our bracelets will fit you and would like to request a shorter or longer length, please contact our Customer Concierge team.

Why You Should Buy A Tennis Bracelet​

  • They are versatile, easy to style, dress up, or down, and can be layered with other jewelry.

  • Eternity bracelets are flexible and will adapt to perfectly fit your anatomy.

  • They can become a family heirloom. Because of the high quality of its diamonds, eternity bracelets are considered a safe investment. When properly cared for, they will last for generations.

Buy Your Diamond Tennis Bracelet at

At Ritani, we are passionate about diamonds in all their forms, including lab-grown. We have a state-of-the-art facility where our master jewelers create the most incredible, sophisticated pieces. And our Customer Concierge team will be happy to assist you in finding, customizing, or creating your dream diamond jewel.

4 Reasons Why Ritani Is The Best Place To Buy a Tennis Bracelet

1. Flexible Financing

Purchasing diamond jewelry is a hefty investment; sometimes, a little flexibility can help us achieve our dreams. Explore our different financing options, or buy it now and pay it later with Klarna.

2. Hassle-Free 30-Day Return Policy

If you’re unsatisfied with your Ritani purchase for any reason, your order can be returned within 30 days of delivery to your home. We can also gladly arrange to have it collected at your door, so you have one less errand to add to your list.

3. Styles & Options

Ritani offers many different styles and options for your tennis bracelet, including lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets, rose gold tennis bracelets, floral-inspired tennis bracelets, and more.

4. Custom Design Services

Have a specific tennis bracelet in mind? We will work with you to create your dream tennis bracelet. 

Find the Perfect Tennis Bracelet
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