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April 27, 2022

What is a bypass engagement ring?

bypass diamond engagement ring

Bypass engagement rings were popularized in the Victorian era. Characterized by bands that overlap and part, rather than forming one simple continuous line, they are sought after due to their distinctive style.

These bypass rings can hold many different diamond shapes and colorful gemstones to create unique pieces. Traditionally, vintage bypass styles symbolized two souls coming together in one union. Since the sides of the band don’t technically meet in the middle – they pass by one another to frame the center stones – they also represent individuality and fluidity.

gemstone bypass engagement ring

Some bypass gemstone rings actually hold more than one center stone. This fancy gemstone bypass ring is set with a glowing orange citrine and a beautiful pink tourmaline. Accented with a 14kt yellow gold band, the overall finish is vibrant and captivating.

oval bypass engagement ring

This modern bypass engagement ring, on the other hand, has a much more streamlined feel. Rather than employing negative spacing for a vintage Art Deco feel, the bypass detailing wraps closely around your choice of center diamond, emphasizing its unique silhouette.

Notable people with bypass engagement rings have included Sandra Bullock and Jackie Kennedy. The first lady’s engagement ring was designed by Van Cleef & Arpels, and featured an emerald and an emerald-cut diamond. Rather than meeting in the middle, the band twisted and turned in an opulent design that captured her individuality.

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